Basic Information
Species Magma-class
Draconium Colour Red
Human Rider Kitt Wonn
Crew Penn Racing Crew
Crew Position Member
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Wild-Fire

Wyldfyr is Kitt Wonn's red Magma-class dragon. He is bipedal, and one of the fastest racing dragons on the All City tracks. He is mainly red in colour with orange-red sections on his stomach, as well red-orange on his head. The first time we see Wyldfyr is in Episode 1: The Choosing, Part 1, when he skids to a stop as Beau is about to try out various Elite Class racers.


  • He is one of the few characters who's rider and dragons are of opposite genders. The only other dragon with this same fact is Decepshun and her rider Moordryd Paynn as well as Hyve and her rider Wulph.