Basic Information
Species Psi-class
Draconium Colour Black
Human Rider Armeggaddon
Crew Black Draconium Empire
Crew Position Leader
Life Status Deceased
Name Pronunciation Vye-S-Ox

The Vysox is a dragon from 3000 years ago, belonging to Armeggaddon and the leader of The League of Eight. She was known for being extremely independent and at one point in history, turned on her master out of dislike of being controlled.

While this dragon does not exist anymore, its spirit is contained in a bone-mark in the shape of the Dragon Eye symbol. Along with the ancient spirit, this bone-mark contains much concentrated black draconium and will possess any dragon who cannot absorb its power. This bone-mark was absorbed by Decepshun after she had been transformed into a pure black draconium dragon after the incidents of Episode 24: When Darkness Falls. It is unknown why the bone-mark of the Vysox is of a different symbol to that of the Black Draconium Empire.