Dragon Booster Episode 1: The Choosing, Part 1

Opening Sequence Voice Over:

"The Dragon is power. Once they were our equals, today humans control the dragon... to race, compete, and fight - at nearly 200 miles per hour! Now dragons are once again ready to be released, and the powerful Dragon of Legend would choose a young hero to save the planet - a Dragon Booster! The gold dragon is the only thing that can stop me!"

Scene: Carved images of the past, showing events from the distant past, as Word Paynn continues his narration while his son Moordryd listens with obvious boredom...

Word: "Three thousand years ago, a great dragon-human war threatened to rip apart the planet. But a single golden dragon, the last of it`s kind, chose a human to be his hero - a Dragon Booster! This Dragon Booster and the last gold dragon released the full power of the dragon... and stopped the fight by turning all dragons back to gold!" I have learned, Moordred, that the ancient gold-boned dragon has been bred back into existence by my dear old friend... Connor Penn. He`s holding secret auditions for riders; you will disguise yourself as an elite-class racer, and infiltrate Connor`s racing stable. You will take the gold dragon!

Moordryd: (scoffs) Don`t tell me how to steal dragons, father, my downcity crew and I have been stealing them for you most of my life.

Word: (angrilly) This dragon must not choose a Dragon Booster! The gold dragon is the only thing that can stop me. I will start a new dragon-human war, and when its over, I will rule the world!

Scene: Wide-angle shot of Dragon City`s upper levels, panning slowly down as the voice over of a Dragon City newscaster is heard...

V.O.: Traffic is snarled at Dragway 1138, I dunno if its the heat, but phew! those dragons are acting crazy! And now the street racing news... Kitt Won is still the point leader, she`s blowin` away her competition in her last three races...

Scene: Pans down, stopping at Penn Stables, as Artha Penn is playing a dragonrace vid-game...

Artha Penn: (as he completes a move in the game...) He he yeah!

Parmon Sean: (playing against Artha from another location...) Whoa! Nice moves, Artha! Now you`re only three dragons behind me! Next time, maybe use blue draconium speed gear and red maneouver gear on a white dragon...

Artha: (interupts) Parmon! Everything`s not all strategy, gear, and draconium energy! Sometimes, as in my case, it`s just about being really, really good.

Parmon: Drac, Artha! Do you have any idea what a great dragon racer you can be?

Artha: 'Real' dragons? Daah! Let`s just stick to designing our vid-game, Parm! That`s our ticket to fame and fortune!

Parmon: Is your dad still bugging you about going to the Racing Academy?

Artha: All the time! It`s like everywhere I go his dragons are following me! (a black and gold dragon sticks his head over Artha`s shoulder to get a better look at the vid display) See what I mean? Beau, I`m busy!

Parmon: So... how do you like the new wireless controllers I built? Y`see I got a hold of some draconium capacitors, re-wired the by-pass on the old gear contacts, and then I re-routed the switching devices and... (controller spouts sparks; Parmon clears throat) It, uhm, well it needs some tweaking.

Artha: (as his controller sparks) Parm? It needs fixing. (Beau knocks Artha down, then notices a Draconi-yum bar in his shirt pocket...) Beau! Stop it! (Beau grabs the bar and eats it, but steps back onto the fallen vid-game...) BEAU!!

Parmon: (as game goes blank) Artha?

Artha: (as Beau looks at what he`s done and makes an 'uh-oh' sound) This is exactly why I video game dragons better than real ones! Dumb dragon. (stalks off angry, Beau is miffed at this)

Scene: As Artha walks along, he gets shoved aside by Moordred...

Moordryd: Out of my way, stable boy!

Artha: 'Stable boy'? I`m Artha Penn (points to large sign) of Penn Stables? Who are you?

Moordryd: Moordred Paynn, and I race dragons. Heh, looks like you clean up after them. (walks off, but steps into something nasty...)

Artha: Looks like you could use a little 'clean up' yourself!

Moordryd: (grabs Artha by the shirt, but Artha doesn`t back down) Tcha! You`re not worth the trouble.

Scene: Artha meets up with a young boy sweeping the walkway...

Artha: Hey. Missed a spot.

Boy: What? Oooh! Why do I always get stuck cleaning up after the dragons? (throws down broom)

Artha: Because you`re my little brother, Lance! (pats head roughly, then applies noogies) and you love helping me!

Lance: I do? No I don`t! (Artha continues to noogie Lance until Connor Penn clears his throat behind them)

Artha: Dad! I w-was just... (Connor looks at him skeptically) yeah, I know, responsibilities.

Connor: Right! Around here we...

Artha: ...Help each other out, I know, dad.

Lance: (exageratedly sweet voice) Especially our little brothers! (hands Artha the broom)

Connor: You know, Artha, you`re sixteen - just like Beau. Ready to race and find out just what great things he`s capable of.

Artha: (not impressed) Subtle, Dad. Me, the dragon, great things... I get it. Only I`m the one with the track-shovel?

Lance: I don`t see you using it.

Connor: There are great things in store for all of you! (chuckles)I should know, I raised you all from pups! (heads elsewhere)

Artha: (to Lance) And I helped raise you from a dork!

Lance: Humph!

Scene: Later, as the racers the Connor invited have all gathered at the stables, Moordryd among them...

Connor: Thank you all for coming today. You are the best street and elite racing class racers in Dragon City, and I want you all to meet my new dragon. (opens pen door, revealing Beau - with a rainbow of various types of gear magged to him) I believe he will be the most powerful dragon on the planet.

Moordryd: (thinking to himself) The Black and Gold Dragon of Legend!

First Racer: What is that, Connor? Level 6 white aero gear, 5 blue balance, 5 red speed burst?

Connor: He can fully magnetize and use all gear types and levels.

First Rider: a dragon that uses all gear colours? No dragon does that!

Connor: See for yourself. (Beau successfully mags two different pieces of gear, to the suprise of all; looking down the line of racers, Connor notices Moordryd, who tries to hide by stepping back) I know you. (confronts him) You`re Word Paynn`s son Moordred!

Moordryd: (insolently) What are you gonna do about it, old man?

Connor: (Notices a crew mark on Moordred`s tunic...) The mark of the Dragon Eye crew, huh? My stable is off-limits to downcity crewmembers. Go home, Moordryd. (Moordryd skoffs at him) Tell you father, my old friend Word, I said... 'hello'.

Moordryd: Oh, I`ll give him your message.

Connor: (thinking) So, Word Paynn Know about the black and gold dragon. (to his guests...) Please excuse me. (walks around corner where Artha is) Artha, it`s time you know. (passes Artha a gold amulet with a raised gold star on it)

Artha: What`s that?

Connor: It`s something I`ve had since I was 16 years old, just like you are now. It was given to me by a secret order of Dragon Priests, who warned me of an ancient legend...

Scene: Flashback to when Connor was 16, in the company of the Dragon Priests...

Dragon Priest: A terrible war is coming young Connor, a war between dragons and humans! Only the return of the Black and Gold Dragon of Legend can stop this war... and only if he chooses a true human hero who can release his secret powers... (flashback ends)

Connor: ...A Dragon Booster!

Artha: A Dragon Booster? Why give this to me?

Connor: To keep safe in case anything happens. If Beau is the Dragon of Legend and he chooses, the very same star-mark will emerge on his head. If that happens, give that amulet to the chosen one. The one Beau chooses will be the Dragon Booster!

Scene: Penn Stables, where Beau is standing ready to try the riders...

Rider 3: (climbs up to Beau`s saddle...) 'Mags all gear'... right. Let`s take him for a spin around the... wahhaaooo (Beau mags him off his back, up into the air, letting him fall to the ground) Uhnf! (Beau chuckles at this, as the other riders reluctantly try out)

Artha: Mags all gear... (Beau tosses the first rider sending him to hit up flat against Connor`s sign, then falls to the ground)

Lance: ...But not the rider!

Connor: It looks like Beau won`t choose anybody.

Scene: Suddenly heavy pounding footsteps are heard as a red dragon and it`s female rider come rushing towards them, kicking up a dust cloud as they come to a quick stop...

Rider: (walking out of the dust cloud) Okay, the rest of you can all go home.

Rider 2: Oh, great! Kitt Won.

Rider1: (scoffs) She thinks she`s the best dragon racer anywhere!

Kitt: I beat most of you last week in the fire cave, didn`t I? (this shuts them up) Now, pay attention! (climbs up and straddles Beau`s back)

Rider 4: She`s on!

Kitt: That`s how its done! (famous last words, as Beau mags her off up into the air... to land on Artha!) Whoooaaaa!!!!! (Beau chuckles at the accuracy of his aim)

Artha: (a bit breathlessly) So, That`s how it`s done! (Kitt growls in frustration)

Connor: Anybody else? (general negative noises from the other riders)

Kitt: What about your son, Connor? The stable boy?

Lance: Yeeaahh, what about the stable boy?

Artha: Y`know, this 'stable boy' thing is really beginning to scrape my scales. Connor: (hands Artha a racing jacket) Here, you`ll need my old racing jacket. You do race in your dragon vid-game really well.

Artha: Exactly. It`s just a game.

Connor: Artha, listen. The dragon is just like the great power within you. Relax! Open you mind and your heart and release that power - release the dragon.

Kitt: (tosses Connor`s racing helmet to Artha) C`mon, stable boy! Let`s see what you got! (Artha grunts as he catches it, then looks at Beau - who growls menacingly at him)

Artha: (as he climb up platform to mount Beau...) Okay, boy. Heh, y`know I didn`t mean to call you a dumb dragon before, right? (chuckles nervously) I was just kidding! (Beau growls and turns his head away) Okay, here we go boy! Nice dragon, good dragon! (gets one leg over, as Beau notices Lance is eating a Draconi-yum bar - Beau`s favorite!) Beau, no! (Beau walks towards Lance, throwing Artha off-balance, making him fall...) Whoa! Aaaahh-ooff! (Lance, then Kitt and the other riders all laugh at Artha`s predicament) Y`see? This is exactly why I don`t like real dragons! (tosses down helmet in frustration, stalks off)

Connor: Artha, wait!

Scene: Later that evening, Moordryd Paynn wearing his racing helmet for concealment, breaks into the stables, opening Beau`s stall; Beau growls at him, but Moordryd lowers his visor and plants a staff into the ground, lens towards Beau as it emits a bright flash, disorienting Beau, and flashes again as Moordryd get closer to him; having enough of this, Beau mag-blasts Moordred out of his stall...

Moordryd: (re-enters Beau`s stall as Beau growls menacingly at him) Using your mag-burst to repel the draconium in my suit! Let`s see what you do with this! (activates his blocking staff to hit Beau, but...)

Connor: Get away from my dragon!

Moordryd: Stay out of this, old man! (makes a battlecry and attacks Connor - but Connor grabs the flash stick and does a flip over Moordryd, knocking him in the back of his helmet) Owwww! Yaah oof! (gets to his feet, as Connor beckons him forward and uses the flash stick to block Moordryd`s blows)

Connor: (critiques Moordryd`s attacks...)Too angry, too reckless! (knocks Moordryd down, his helmet comes off) Moordryd Paynn!

Moordryd: This isn`t over! You don`t know what you just started! (takes off)

Connor: (to himself) So... Word, my old friend, you will stop at nothing to get this dragon! (Beau growls and paws at the ground in frustration) Time is running out... Beau must choose!

Scene: Later that evening, inside the living quarters of the stables; Artha examines the amulet as Lance plays a vid-game; a noise outside catches Artha`s attention...

Lance: What is it?

Artha: (seeing moving shadows outside) Wait here! (goes outside to see what`s going on, sees three people outside Beau`s stall, one with a black dragon eye on the back of his suit; he goes towards them until an explosion in the living quarters distracts him...) Unh, dad! Lance!

Scene: Beau`s stall, as he confronts the intruders...

Moordryd: Green trapping gear! Now! (this restrains Beau, keeping him from leaving stall; Beau gathers his energy...)

2nd Crewmember: Look out! Mag-burst!!

Moordryd: Black control gear! Now! (the other two crewmembers each fire a device that locks onto each of Beau`s front legs, forcing them to contract and lower the front of his body to the floor)

Scene: The living quarters of the stables, wreckage strewn all over from the explosion, as Artha re-enters...

Artha: Dad! Lance! Where are you?? (wreckage shifts and Lance appears) Lance! (goes over to him) Are you alright? Where`s dad?

Lance: (despairing) I couldn`t find him!

Artha: C`mon! We gotta get out of here! (more wrckage falls into room, blocking the exit)

Lance: We`re trapped!!

Scene: The front of Beau`s stall, where he`s trapped by the control gear as Artha and Lance call out...

Artha: (from inside the building) Dad!

Lance: Help us! Please dad!! Help us!!! (the crew celebrate the capture)

Artha: Dad! Dad!!

Lance: We`re trapped!! Dad in here!!! (Beau gathers his energy once more and fights the hold of the gear, straining it to it`s limits)

Moordryd: Impossible! He`s breaking free?? Stop him! I want that dragon!!! (Beau breaks free) Hang on! Another mag-burst!! (Beau`s burst grabs all three, tossing them roughly aside)

Scene: Interior of living quarters...

Artha: (boosts Lance to an air duct in the wall...)Through here, it leads outside.

Lance: But... it`s too small for you!

Artha: Go! (Lance enters the duct, and moves onward; more wreckage falls as Artha looks at the amulet agian - suddenly Beau comes crashing through the opposite wall) Beau! Oh, am I glad to see you! (leaps onto Beau`s back; suddenly a look of suprise comes to Beau`s face, and then concentration as he begins to emit a golden light) What`s happening? (Suddenly, a gold star bonemark appears on Beau`s head, and he glows much more brightly; Artha remembers what his father said...)

Connor: (in voice over) The one Beau chooses will be the Dragon Booster.

Scene: The floor of the stables, as the bright golden glow comes out of the upper level window...

2nd Crewmember: What is that?

Scene: Beau and Artha come breaking through the outer wall of the living quarters out of sight of the intruders...

Artha: (excited) Woo hoo hoo!! (he and Beau land near where Lance had emerged)

Lance: (suprised) Beau chose... you?

Artha: Well, yeah. I... (suddenly the intruders are heard approaching, Beau takes off with Artha and Lance on his back) Where are we go-eeeyyaahhh!!!(Beau crosses a bridge to another small platform, stopping near the edge, letting them slide down his tail to the ledge below; Artha looks down from the edge, a drop of at least a kilometer) Aaah!

Moordryd: (as Beau looks back the way and charges toward him) I found him!

Scene: Beau looks up, seeing Connor`s sign is ready to fall, uses his tail to strike the building and shake the sign supports beyond their limits, causing it to fall between him and Moordryd; with a battlecry, Moordryd and his dragon burst through the sign, only to see the end of Beau`s tail going over the edge...

Moordryd: (suprised) What?

Artha: (with Lance on Beau`s back once more) No way out, no way out.

Lance: (points over the edge) What about that building?

Artha: It`s too far... oh, whooooaaaa!!! (Beau begins to run along the ledge, heading towards the end of the ledge)

Connor: (in voice over) The dragon is just like the great power within you. Release the dragon.

Scene: As we hear Artha remembering Connor`s words, he concentrates and Beau`s starmark glows and Beau begins to run much faster than normal, creating a vortex around him as he leaps off the ledge towards the rooftop below and off in the near distance, as Artha and Lance exclaim in suprise; Beau makes it to the rooftop, sliding along and using a small billboard to come to a complete stop - a stop that tosses both Artha and Lance over and behind the sign...

Artha: (exclaims in suprise)Hoh! We made it!

Lance: (from within a garbage can, only his legs hanging out of it) Speak for yourself!

Scene: Moodryd and his second in command come to the edge of the ledge Beau leaped from, and see Beau on the other rooftop...

Moordryd: He`s getting away! C`mon!

2nd crewmember: (grabs Moordryd`s arm) Our dragons won`t jump that far!

Scene: An alley in a noisy lower level of the city, Artha, Lance, and Beau react as something heavy comes running their way and stops - it`s a green bull-class dragon, ridden by Artha`s friend Parmon Sean...

Artha: (calming Beau) I-it`s okay, Beau! Easy, it`s just Parmon and Cyrano.

Parmon: (as Cyrano mags him gently to the deck) I got your call, what are you doing in Squire`s End? This is downcity crew territory - Dragon City Security doesn`t even come down here!

Artha: Somebody tried to steal Beau, and this is where he stopped running. (looks over at Lance with Beau, whispers...) Hey, did you see my father? He`s not answering my calls.

Parmon: (also whispering) I checked the stables, all I found was this. (holds up Connor`s old racing jacket, slightly scortched)

Artha: (sighs) I saw the symbol of the crew that attacked the stable - a black dragon eye. They`re responsible for what happened!

Parmon: Downcity crew have spies all over the city! If they want your dragon, they can track you down they could pay people to talk! They can...

Lance: (interrupts) I`m hungry!

Parmon: And what about food? Do you realize how much a dragon like Beau needs to eat?

Artha: Parm? I`m gonna street race!

Parmon: (sputters) What?

Artha: The best defence is a good offence! We need money, we need to eat, and downcity crews race in the All City Races! I`m goin` after them!

Parmon: You cannot! They`ll identify Beau, andd certainly make another attempt to steal him!

Artha: Well, then, then Beau will have to stay here. (Beau grunts 'huh?') I`ll race another dragon! (Beau grunts negatively at this) Sorry boy. (Beau concentrate his energy and glows brightly. When the glow goes away he`s changed colours from black and gold to red and blue!)

Lance: (suprised) Do you see that? He changed colour!

Parmon: I see it, but I just don`t believe it! Artha! What does this mean?

Lance: (excited) It means you can race Beau!

Artha: It means I can do alot more than that!

Scene: View pans in close up to the amulet in Artha`s hand as the light hits it and glows bright, then fade out.

NOTE: I won`t list the scenes of the future shown after the glow until fade to black, as it`s not necessary to the transcript.

Transcript provided by J`Rin Tekaar [1]