Dragon Booster, Episode 28 (Season 3, Episode 1) – The Changelings

Writer(s): Mark Leiren-Young

Director: Sebastian Brodin

Transcript written out by Hunter[1]

All actions will be in [ ]'s and italics. All inside character actions will just be in [ ]'s. All breaks and such with be in italics and in asterisks, All speakers will be in bolded

- - - - -

* Opening Credits *

[Artha and 2 Academy guys are racing on a track. Artha is in the lead and clears a jump. The 2 guys who are behind him, glance at each other, grin, and they both activate there Red Thruster gear and White Aero gear. They jump in the air, come up on each side of Artha and ram there white gear onto Artha’s Red thrusters gear so they fall off.]

Connor: Artha you have to be faster!

Artha: I’m trying!

[Artha blocks an attack from the Academy guy on his right, only to be kicked off by the one on his left. Artha is hanging off the saddle and groans to get back into his seat only to see the Academy racers are far ahead]

*At stables*

[Artha and Beau walk up to Connor, Kitt and Parm. Takes off his helmet and throws it to Connor, who catches it.]

Kitt: What did you expect stable boy? Those were Academy class racers.

Artha: Yeah, I wonder whose great idea this was.

Connor: It’s part of your training Artha. The Academy skills competition that begins tomorrow is on this very track. And after the days event you have an interview with Sentrus the Academy scout!

Artha: Great. I’m fighting crime at night, racing during the day and there’s this new Shadow Booster guy. Moordryd’s ahead, the race is tomorrow, the-

[Beau groans and rolls his eyes]

Artha: What are you rolling your eyes at?

[Beau snorts]

Artha: I do all the tough stuff. While you the Dragon of Legend gets to run eat, vent, steam and sleep. Sometimes I wish I was the dragon.

[Beau wraps his tail around Artha’s leg and hangs him upside down.]

Artha:Wo-oh! Let me down Beau!

[Penn Crew laughs]

[The 2 Academy racers Artha was racing with walk up. One a Dragon Fish racer, the other a Dragon Flare]

Dragon Fish Academy racer: Hey Connor. Your kid’s not half bad.

[Artha gives a ‘really?’ type of look]

Dragon Fish Academy racer: For target practice!

[Beau lets Artha go]

Artha: AHHH!!!

[Academy guys laugh and walk away]

*Word’s Citadel*

[Word is looking at video footage of the Shadow Booster on the screens]

Word: Magnificent! Armour like the Dragon Booster, only made of Black draconium.

[Moordryd gives an ‘Ahem.’)

Moordryd: You sent for me father?

Word: My wraith captured this video Moordryd. Look at him! Clearly he has a gender similar to mine! It’s all about power and control! He’s like the son I never had.

Moordryd: [getting a bit annoyed] What do you want?

Word: The Penn brat is catching you in the Academy standings.

Moordryd: Yeah we’ll see about that.

Word: Perhaps I can help you.

[Word presses a switch causing gear resembling a small mutated squid to lower down from above]

Moordryd: What is it?

Word: It is my new Black draconium Neural gear. Not an obvious mind pod like the one that failed on Pyrrah in the Fire Cave. This makes the mind connection like never before! It’s almost like reading thoughts.

[Moordryd walks up to the gear and is about to take it until Word presses the switch again to bring it back up out of reach]

Word: Not so fast! My tests are not complete! Perhaps in a few days.

Moordryd: In a few days?! I’ve got the Academy skills competition tomorrow and-

Word: You can use the gear after I’ve finished testing it. In the mean time, why don’t you clean your compound! It’s beginning to look like a bunch of filthy keepers live there.

[Word starts walking away]

Moordryd: Yeah sure. I do all the grunt work.

Word: What was that?!

Moordryd: Nothing. I was just grunting.

[Word walks away. Moordryd looks at the gear and grins. He walks over to the control board. He presses the switch which lowers the gear, then he grabs the gear.]

Moordryd: Almost read thoughts huh? We’ll just have to test it. [to Wrist-COMM] Cain! I’ve got a job for you.

*On some random high street/track*

[Cain puts out his hand to touch the gear, hesitating, then draws back his hand.

Cain: Why do I have to test it?!

Moordryd: Because you do.

Cain: Why do I do all your grunt work?

Moordryd: Because you’re my grunt! It will help you work with your dragon better during the Team Obstacle challenge. You need the help, I don’t. Trust me.

* The Team Obstacle Challenge is on. The teams are jumping, avoiding, and swerving over yellow things resembling over-sized speed bumps.* [Dragon Fish crew team is knocked out by the Gauntlets]

[Race is now at a part where there are green trapping gear shot at them from every direction from posts, The Army of the Dragon Crew gets knocked out, leaving Artha and Kitt, and Moordryd and Cain. Race is at the Horn of Libris part. You have to know down a target to get passed a metal barrier]

[Artha gets magged of Beau to hit the target]

Kitt: Nice move! We’re catching them!

[Cain misses the target because he’s magged of Coershun, and is just screaming in the air]

Moordryd: Cain! You missed that gate!

[Cain is back in his saddle]

Moordryd: Activate the Neural gear.

Cain: Uhh. Do I have to?!

Moordryd: Yes!

[Cain activates the gear, 2 cords shoot up from it and attach themselves to Cain’s head.]

Cain: Incredible! I can see the track! Through Coershuns eyes!

Kitt: What kind of Black Draconium gear is that?!

Artha: I don’t know. But activate your White Aero gear and Red thruster gear. I have an idea.

[Cain has a ‘happy’ look on his face, and is just going through the track really fast, dodging everything and not hitting the target that makes the barrier go down.]

Moordryd: Cain! The target!

[Cain just goes ahead, without hitting the target, so Moordryd runs right into it. He sees Artha and Kitt jump over him lightning fast]

[Artha knocks down a target]

Artha: Ready Kitt? Now!

Kitt: Yah! (To Wyldfyr)

[They both activate their white and red gear. Artha is planning on doing the move the Academy racers did to him. The wings from their white gear force Cain’s Red gear of Coershun. Cain gets a mad look on his face and try’s to Mag-blast both of them.]

[Kitt groans]

Artha: Look out! Mag over-load!

[Nero gear fly’s off Coershun , the main part of the gear which is supposed to be on the dragon’s head attaches itself to Artha’s forehead. (Artha screams NOOO!!!) The cords that are supposed to be attached to the human’s head are connected to Beau’s head. Long story short, Artha and Beau switch minds. So Artha is now in Beau’s dragon body and Beau is now in Artha’s body. Now Beau in Artha looks at his fingers and is amazed. He opens his mouth but just does a groan thing. He quickly covers his mouth. Still looking amazed and confused. He gets freaked out and jumps out of the saddle and starts running away on all fours. He really looks like a frog. Kitt is transfixed on the spot, looking at ‘Artha’ run away]

*At Stable area*

[Connor takes a right to see ‘Beau’ try to force himself through a doorway.]

Connor: Beau! What are you doing?

[‘Beau’ continues trying to get through]

Connor: Where’s Artha?

[‘Beau’ looks around nervously]

* Nearby in a dragon stall*

[Parm walks into the stall only to see ‘Artha’ leaning over a trough and eating dragon food]

Parm: Uhh, Artha?

[Connor walks in]

Connor: What is going on?

[‘Beau’ walks over and picks up ‘Artha’ and puts him in front of Parm and Connor]

[‘Artha’ looks around nervously, then takes of his helmet and slams it down on ‘Beau’s’ head and points to him. ‘Beau’ picks up a VIDD game and starts playing it.]

Kitt: You know, they started acting weird right after they got zapped by that Black draconium gear thing.

[Artha and Beau nod their heads and grunt a “Yuh huh” ]

Parm: It must have been some kind of mind gear, like the mind control pod that Word once used on Pyrrah. Oh this would have to be giga-dracs more powerful, and then fully charged with that Mag-overload energy. Theoretically they could have transferred, like a shock. If powerful enough, switched thoughts and-- [Beau and Artha groan and nod in agreement] Oh there both, ah—[Parm faints from brain fryage or over-calculation]

*Back at the track*

Cain: I-I dunno what happened. One second I felt I could see through Coershun’s eyes! A-and then the next second there was that big Mag-overload and-

Moordryd: And what Cain?! Think! Where is the Nero gear?

Cain: Uh. The stable brats. You saw the way the ran off the track. They must have taken it!

Moordryd: You better be sure! I’ve got the next skills event in half an hour! Check the track, then the stable brats. Find that gear!

*Back at Stable Area*

Kitt: Auh! What are we going to do?! There’s another Skills event in half an hour!

[Artha and Beau do worried groans]

Lance: Not to mention that Academy Scout interview.

[Artha and Beau do even more worried grunts and groans]

Parm: *talking to Lance* you and I will have to find that Black gear before Moordryd and Cain recover it! And hope we can use it to reverse what happened.

Connor: In the mean time, we’ll need to stall and look normal.

[Worried sound comes from ‘Artha’]

Connor: Artha! I-I mean Beau. Take this track-sweeper. Clean up the Stable area. [‘Artha’ does a ‘What?’ sound, while ‘Beau’ does a deep chuckle]

Connor: Kitt and I will get Beau, I-I mean Artha to Mag some gear on.

[‘Beau’ does a ‘What?’ sound while ‘Artha’ does a very weird sounding chuckle]

Connor: Then we’ll test run you both around the track, with a couple of the Academy guys.

[Artha and Beau do ‘No way!’ sounds and ‘Artha’ shakes his hands.]

Lance: You know, they don’t seem all that different to me.

[Artha and Beau do deep growls]

* Parm and Lance are walking down a metal stair thing on the track and they spot the gear below a giant gap the racers are supposed to jump over*

[They look around and Lance spots the gear hanging fro on of the many giant spikes that are on the rim of the gap]

Lance: Hey! Look! There it is!

[Cain walks over on top of the track not seeing the gear or them]

Parm: Oh no! There’s Cain!

*Back at Stable Area*

Connor: Ok Beau, I-I mean, oh you know what I mean! Try and direct your thoughts and energy to the gear and see if you can Mag it.

[‘Beau’ gives a questioning grunt. He then closes his eyes and concentrates on magging the gear. He is stiff rigid and is clenching is teeth in concentration, groaning in the process]

[‘Beau’ starts to develop some Mag-energy, with difficulty. So he’s glowing gold.]

Connor: Yes! That’s it!

[‘Beau’ continues to groan, and the difficulty to Mag is increasing. He now creates 3 Mag points. (Shoulder, mid torso, near rump)]

Kitt: He’s doing it!

[‘Beau’ Mags the 3 pieces of gear (Blue Balance, Red Thruster, White Aero) and gets them onto his body. Only for them to fall off immediately after he lets go of his Mag]

Kitt: Not easy being the dragon huh?

[‘Beau’ try’s again, Mags it, but mags/plasters them all over his face.]

Connor: All right, now, uhh. *To Beau in Artha* Uhh, oohh. You know who you are, Mag on and go for a spin.

[‘Artha’ gives a really weird sounding ‘Ooohhh’ and a ‘Uh uh/ No way’]

*Back to track where Cain, Parm, and Lance are*

[Cain spots the gear hanging below him]

Cain: Hehehe, there you are.

[Reaches down to grab until ‘Artha’ is in the saddle of ‘Beau’. Artha is doing is muted scream while bouncing along in the saddle, not even close to being in properly and his legs are just flailing along. ‘Beau’ has magged on the gear all wonky, and is running crazy over the track.

Connor: [With hand over eyes except splitting two so he gets a peek] Oh I’m afraid to look!

Kitt: Be afraid. Be very afraid!

[‘Artha’ is just pressing the buttons for the gear randomly, causing the Red thruster gear to activate.]

[The pair is headed straight for Cain, who is reaching down for the gear]

Cain: Hey! Man-over board!

[Cain jumps and catches himself on the giant spikes from the gap]

[Cain takes off one hand to get the gear, right when he’s about to get it, the claw from some White Rappel gear comes into view and grabs it.

Cain: What? Hey!

[He barely sees Parm and Lance step up the metal stairs with the gear]

Cain: [teeth clenched] Stable brats….

*at some part of the track, stables in view*

Moordryd: And you just let them walk away with it!

Cain: No! I. Of course not. I was gonna get it back but-

Moordryd: But what?

Cain: But! I was almost trampled by the Stable brat and his dragon. They were out of control, acting all weird.

Moordryd: Weird? What do you mean?

Cain: I think the gear worked Moordryd. Sort of. It messed with them, changed them, turned them into clumsy fools.

Moordryd: Mmm. Perfect. That ruins them for the rest of the competition. Wait a sec, maybe I can use the gear to have the same affect on the Dragon Booster. *glances at Cain* If I had the gear!

*Back at stable area*

[Sentrus approaches]

Sentrus: Ahem. Interesting moves out there Mr.Penn.

[‘Beau’ looks quite delighted and reply’s with a series of groans. The same goes for ‘Artha’]

Sentrus: Excuse me?

[‘Artha’ thinks he’s doing completely fine, and keeps the ‘conversation’ going my even more stupider sounding grunts. Same goes for ‘Beau’ nodding while grunting and groaning]

Sentrus: Is this some kind of joke?

[‘Artha’ nods his head and does a ‘Yuh huh’ while ‘Beau’ shakes his head and does a ‘Nuh huh’]

[Thank god, Connor walks in to save further embarrassment to Beau and Artha]

Connor: I’m sorry Sentrus. My son has a very bad cold. * looking at Artha* and shouldn’t talk!

[‘Beau’ starts doing some really funny sounding hacking/wheezing and stops when Connor glances at him, then ‘Artha’ gives a small, human sounding ‘Cough cough’]

Sentrus: You can say that again.

[Walks away]

*Parm and Lance are with the gear in Parm’s little place where all the gear, electronic stuff goes on*

Parm: Theoretically, if we can charge this gear enough with, maybe a triple Mag-overload. It’ll activate again. In the same way.

[During Parm’s talk, it shows Cain sneaking up with some kind of stink bomb, resembling a Mag-grenade, but a blackish color. Cain activates it and rolls it into the room. It rolls into Lance’s foot.]

[Lance looks down and sees it.]

Parm: But first I need to-

Lance: Parm?

[tapping Parm’s shoulder]

Parm: What Lance?

[Lance points down]

Parm: Can’t you see I’m trying to calculate *sees the thing* Alogh.. [Slurs words]

[Thing blows up, smoke can be seen billowing out of the room, Cain covers his mouth with his sleeve, goes in, grabs the gear and runs out chuckling]

[Parm and Lance coughing]

Connor: Let me guess.

[Parm and Lance glance at each other]

Kitt: We’ll get the gear back!

Lance: You have to. Or Artha and Beau will be stuck, for good!

*In Dragon Stall. Artha as Beau is standing up looking at Beau in his body, curled up sleeping.*

Artha: *thinking as looking at Beau in his body* *sigh* I wish I could talk to you boy. I didn’t realize how tough it was to be you. Mag energy is hard to handle. And all the 200 miles per hour especially while your trying to protect me at the same time!

Kitt: Boys! We got trouble! We heard a dispatch from Dragon-City Security.

Connor: Moordryd and his crew are stealing an entire fetlock full of dragons down on Level 25 of Mid-City. The Security Forces have been chased off with Purple Disrupter mines and Orange Drag-Boxes.

Kitt: Sounds like a job for Dragon Booster.

[Artha and Beau do ‘ What?!’ groan/grunt]

Kitt: Don’t worry. Parm, Lance and I will ride with you.

[Artha and Beau do ‘What!?’ and ‘No way.’ Groan/grunts]

Connor: Look, you’ve done this together a hundred times. You can do it now. Try the amulet, it should still work with the Gold Draconium in your bones.

[‘Artha’ takes the amulet and quietly puts it into the gauntlet, transforming into the Dragon Booster]

*Dragon Fetlock, Level 25, Mid-City*

Cain: We’ve got security on the run Moordryd.

Moordryd: Perfect. At any moment out honoured guest the Dragon Booster should arrive.

[Artha and Beau are above them. Artha as Beau, gives a really sweet snarl then a GREAT roar]

Kitt: Not bad.

Parm: They’re getting the hang of it!

Moordryd: Smile!

[Holds up Flash stick]

Moordryd: Now!

[Cain throws the Neural gear, the dragon part goes on top of Artha’s head, while the 2 cords attach to Beau’s head, so really, the gear is in the correct places]

Artha as Beau: *talking to real Beau, as Artha, through the gear* Beau! I can see what you see! Can you see it too? It’s the Neural gear. We’re a real team boy!

Moordryd: Bring him down.

[Throws a red fire grenade but Beau, I mean Artha jumps out of the way in time]

Cain: Umm.I don’t think it’s working.

Moordryd: Oh really? What ever gave you that idea!!?!

Parm: Guys, listen to me. The Neural gear works like a connecter cable between your brains. It’s like downloading from one computer to another. If you can replicate the initial Mag-overload, it should switch you back. But you’ve got to get in full contact!

Moordryd: Let’s see how he likes this!

[Fires a Orange Mag-burst grenade, misses so it blows up one leg of a giant sign, fires another one, misses, that blows up the other leg of sign so it falls, towards Moordryd and Cain]

Moordryd: Oops.

[Moordryd and Cain cough, while Artha and Beau slide down the sign, like a ramp and try’s to Mag-blast them.]

Moordryd: Group Mag-blast!

Cain: Mag-overload!!!

[The gear activates again, switching Artha and Beau back into the right state. Then the gear is blasted off a ledge.]

Moordryd: *gets up while groaning* The gear! *gear falls* Let’s go!

[Moordryd, Cain, Decepshun, and Coershun go running off]

Artha: Now that’s what I call teamwork boy!

[The real Beau gives a triumphant roar]

*Back in a Dragon Stall*

[Beau is eating his dragon food while Artha is behind him sitting on a stool playing a VIDD-game]

Artha: You know, it was kinda fun being you. Harder than I thought but fun. I learned a lot about what it’s like to be a dragon.

Parm: * In the distance* Artha! Where are you?

[Artha and Beau grin at each other]

Parm: *In front of them* It’s almost time to….*gasps*.-

[Parm sees Artha leaning over and eating dragon food, and Beau lying on the ground playing a VIDD-game]

Parm: Oh no! It’s reversed! *goes off running* Lance! Kitt! Mr.Penn!

[Artha and Beau look at each other and Beau chuckles]

Artha: Nice work boy! But I think you went a little to far with the dumb face. I on the other hand. I played you perfectly!

[Beau wraps his tail around Artha’s leg and hangs him upside down]

Artha: Wo-oh!O.k.Ok Beau. You were good too.

*Ending Credits*

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