Episode 11 Transcript: Pride of the Hero Edit

(Open on cheering crowd standing on a strut sort of thing over a race track. Pan down to the track where we see a gorup of racers coming toward the screen with Pyrahh in the lead, followed by Artha, Moordryd, Kitt and others.) Artha, urging Beau: Come on, boy! GO, go, go! Moordryd, vicious: Not so fast, stable-brat! (Moordryd directs Decepshun to slam into Beau and Artha, causing some gear to crackle. Artha slams back, sending some gear flying behind them and forcing Kitt to dodge. Artha grins.) Kitt, annoyed: Hey, is this a street race or a grudge match? Artha, defensive: It's not my fault. He's out of control! (A comm. link opens up on Artha's saddle.) Parm, being reasonable: But you don't have to fight him here, Artha. Beau's energy coefficient is down 50%! Lance, in agreement: Yeah! And Moordryd's still kickin' your bu- (Artha cuts off the link, not wanting to listen. Moordryd sets his sights on Pyrahh up ahead and laughs to himself as he pulls out his energy drain whip and fires it at Phorjj, causing him to roar in protest. Moordryd pulls on the whip, pulling Phorjj and Pyrahh down in the middle of the track, creating and obstacle for those behind, forcing Artha and Beau to use their red thruster gear to jump over.) Artha, cockily as they jump over: Feelin' no Paynn today! (Artha and Beau quickly catch up to Moordryd up ahead.) Moordryd: We'll see about that! (Moodryd drives both himself and Artha completely off the track onto a diverging fork where they have to blast through directional signs/barriers and bearing down on watching spectators who duck, with one woman having to pull her child out of harms way. Both Moordryd and Artha jump the last barrier, avoiding the spectators. However, their jump leaves them flying over a dragon carpark/stable? sort of place, forcing them both to use red thruster gear to avoid landing in the tangle of dragons below. They both make it and continue running along a fairly deserted street. A comm. link opens on Artha's saddle again.) Parm, worried: Artha! That's the mall up ahead! The race is that way! (gesturing off the comm. screen) Artha: Yeah, and Paynn is going this way! (They both make a sharp turn down another street filled with people and street stalls who protest loudly at their passage. Two people standing in the street yell and run to get out of the way. Moordryd jumps up onto the roofs of some shops and continues running, he then jumps down and slams into Artha, and Artha slams him back. They continue running along the street, poeple run to get out of the way and both jump to avoid a taxi/bus-dragon? and continue running. Moordryd lunges at Artha from his saddle, forcing Artha to dodge and fall back to avoid being knocked out of his saddle. We then cut to a view from above through a set of binocs as both diverge into two different forks. We pull back to see the person using the binocs is Cain, who opens a comm. link to Moodryd.) Cain: Moordryd, the next right will put you fight on top of 'im. Moordryd: Perfect. Let's see what they do with this! (He activates one of his gear controls on his saddle causing some black gear to extend out on Decepshun's flanks and head, making a series of semi-circular, spiky, crescent moon sort of shapes. The gear starts to glow and he and Decepshun make the right-hand turn to intercept Artha and Beau. The gear continues to glow and then forms a sort of shell around them distorting their image as they apporach Artha. Beau growls a warning to Artha.) Artha, urgent: I see it, Beau! He's using black shadow gear! He's goin' to attack! (We then cut to see the distortion that is Moordryd and Decepshun to see Moordryd mag-jump out of it and into the air.) Artha: Mag me, Beau! (Beau mags Artha into the air and as he ascends Artha extends his fighting stick and Moordryd flings his whip. Artha flips over Moordryds whip, runs along it, leaps and then hits Moordryd on the back, right on his ARES pack, making it spark. Swithc to Beau and the distortion around Decepshun as they run towards each other. Cut to Parm and Lance at the racing tents.) Lance: They're gonna crash! Parm: Artha! (Cut back to Beau and Decepshun. Decepshun swerves to avoid Beau and breaks through the safety barrier and starts to fall, pulling Moordryd with her. Decepshun lands safely on a ledge just below the barrier while Moodryd continues falling. Cut to Beau, who skids to a halt, then back to Moordryd, patting his sparking ARES pack, trying to get it to work.) Moordryd, scared as he falls: Ah! My glider pack! Aaaaaaah! (Cut back to Beau, still magging Artha.) Artha: Something's wrong! (Artha retracts his fighting stick) We gotta save 'im Beau! Jump! Now! (Beau jumps off the ledge, Artha manouring on the mag-stream to follow and get back to the saddle. He makes it into the saddle and they fall closer to Moordryd who is yelling as he falls.) Artha, urgent: Now, Beau! Now! (Beau activates some white rappel gear on his right foreleg which attaches onto Moordryd's leg and another from his back which attaches onto a ledge above them. The rappel line from Beau's back allows them to land safely on one of the dragon head statues which decorate much of Dragon City, while the line from his leg stops Moordryd's fall mere inches from the road below. Moordryd, having closed his eyes in anticipation of the impact opens them to see that he's now hanging upside down, having been saved by Artha. Beau roars in triumph at their success.) Moordryd, kicking his free leg: Scales! Saved by the stable-brat?! (Moordryd reaches up to release himself only for the grip to release on it's own just before he reaches it, dumping him to the ground.)

Scene change to the crew tents at the racing pit.

Parm, sarcastic: Nice race, Artha. Nice if you'd get around to finishing it too! Artha, cocky from saving Moordryd: Oh, forget the race guys! DId you catch me dusting Moordryd and then saving 'im? Artha Penn, bashes! He battles! He saves the day! (Lance and Parm both look exasperated and roll their eyes.) Kitt, from off-screen: Ah, careful, stable-boy. You could break an arm patting yourself on the back that hard. Artha: I think someone's a little jealous. Kitt, scathingly: Of what? Your big fat head? (Beau laughs.) Artha: I wouldn't be laughing about big fat heads if I were you. (Beau makes a sort of indignant/incredulous sound.)

Scene change to Word's Citadel

(Come in on Word's claws, tapping idly.) Word: What happened out there on the street track today, Moordryd? Moordryd: Just having a little fun with the Penn brat. Word: Fun? (chuckles, then suddenly angry) When's the last time you won a race? You're a disgrace to the name of Paynn. You are supposed to be a winner! (Moordryd watches his father sullenly as he gets up to pace in front of Moordryd.) Word: You're stupid pride cost you that race. And worst of all, you had to be saved by the Penn brat. You are defeated by the Dragon Booster at every turn. (Right in Moordryd's ear) You might as well be helping him! (Brushing past Moordryd) Out of my sight. You disgust me! (Pan to overview as Word walks out, then close up on Moordryd's face as he looks at the controller type thing sitting on the table. He smirks as he walk over to pick it up.) Moordryd: I'll show you who's a disgrace to the name of Paynn. I'll show everybody!

Scene change to Down City Council Room.

(Moving down from the banners to the people in the room, arguing can be heard, Moordryd and Cain in the midst of it all. We move to a view of the table as the haft of Phistus' hammer strikes the table.) Phistus: Silence! (We see Moordryd looking towards Phistus.) Phistus: We must get a grip on these mysterious Wraith dragon attacks. They've already taken five of my dragons. The Dragon Booster may be our best weapon. (As Phistus speaks, the camera pans across the other members of the council til it reaches Moordryd as he finishes what he's saying.) Moordryd, dismissive: Yah, Dragon Booster? A hero that hides behind a mask is no answer. Phistus, firm and decisive: As leader of this council, I- (Phistus is cut off as he's hit by something we can't see and sent flying. A wraith dragon then shimmers into view, pinning Phistus to the floor. There is a commotion from the other members of the council as Phistus struggles against the dragon. Cut to Moordryd, smirking in a satisfied way. He puts his hand in his jacket as we zoom in to see that he's holding the remote, controlling the Wraith. He then turns away from the controller.) Moordryd, dramatically: I'll take care of this thing! (Moordryd reaches into his jacket and pulls out his energy drain whip. He cracks it a couple of times and the Wraith diverts it's attention to him before running out the door. Phistus is grunting and looking scared, while the other members of the council are shocked and also scared, even Cain. Phistus picks himself up off the ground and brushes himself off.) Phistus, surprised: Moordryd, I-I don't know what to say? Moordryd: Get a grip, Phistus. And you can start by thanking me. Obviously I've learnt something about these Wraith dragons we've all found such a pain. Phistus: The question is how? And why should we trust you? Moordryd, approaching and directly to Phistus: Let's stick to the point, shall we? (To the room at large) I'm willing to use my knowledge to help fight them. So business can go on as usual. And we won't have to rely on some meddling fool who hides behind a mask. We don't even know who this Dragon Booster is! (There are murmurs of debate and agreement from around the room.) Phistus, doubtful: What's in it for you, Moordryd? Moordryd, grandly: A chance to prove my value to the community. I race here too. (We fade from the council room to later at the Dragon Eye compound. Cain chuckles vaguely malevolently in the background.) Cain: Very convincing. Moordryd, scathing: Yeah. If you're a pathetic council member. Cain, discerning: You're up to something. Moordryd, blithely: Of course I am. Remember that red bonemark I found? (Flash to a faded shot of the Fire Temple with a voice over from Word.) Word: The Furox is a bonemark Moordryd. (Moving inside the temple to the box that used to contain the Furox.) Do you know what that means? (Flash to a different scene, a very familiar one of the battlefield of the Ancient Dragon/Human War and a battle between the ODB and a warrior dragon.) Moordryd: The concentrated power of an ancient warrior dragon that once fought the Original Dragon Booster. (Flash back to the box in Pyrahh's hands as she opened it, and then to Phorjj as he transformed into the Furox.) Word, satisfied: Yes. It contains enough trapped draconium energy to mutate any dragon into a machine of pure destruction. A dragon that can help to start another Dragon/Human War! (Flashback to Moordryd in the present holding the glowing Furox bonemark.) Cain, warning: It's dangerous, Moordryd. An angry guy like you? That's like playing with fire. (Moordryd laughs menacingly.)

Scene change to Dragon City streets.

(Penn Racing crew are riding their dragons through the streets at a walk.) Artha: Hey, if we hurry we can catch highlights of me beating Moordryd on the race report. And the Dragon City News. (Lance rolls his eyes and sighs.) Kitt: Ah, we were there, remember? Those three little people standing next to your- Lance, cutting in: Big fat head? (Parm, Beau and Lance all laugh at their joke. Cut to Artha glaring at Lance. Lance sees this and looks away.) Artha, pleading: Come on, guys. What's the deal? Moordryd's all bad, and you know it. Lance: All bad? How can somebody be all bad? Parm, putting a hand to his helmet radio: Uh-oh. Wraith dragons are attacking Mid-city! Artha, cocky: Time to release the dragon. (We see the familiar placing of the amulet before cutting to a scene change.)

Scene change to a dark Dragon City street.

(Closing in on Commander Faier of Dragon City Security being attacked and surrounded on top of a dumpster by several Wraith dragons, beating them away with a baton.) DB, offscreen, then to a close-up of his extending jakk-stick before he twirls it as Beau rears, roaring dramatically. They then lunge into the wraiths and Artha whacks wraith's to either side and in front.) Faier: Uah! Thanks Dragon Booster. (Artha grins before Parm appears on the comm. link warning him.) Parm, urgent: Artha! Incoming wraith. 10 o'clock! (Artha looks in the direction Parm told him to see a charging wraith dragon coming his way. He whacks the wraith away with his jakk-stick. We cut to Lance, looking through his binocs.) Lance: 2 o-clock! (Artha whacks this wraith away too, right into the dumpster next to Faier. The wraith pops it's head out of the dumpster to roar at Faier only for him to jump up and close the lid on it's head. Then Lance comes in on the comm. link again.) Lance, urgent and concerned: 4 o'clock! Er, behind ya! (We see two wraiths approacing Artha from behind while some of the others he already whacked have picked themselves up and are approaching on his other side as well. More shimmer into view as we go to an overhead view and see that DB is completely surrounded.) Artha, apprehensive: There are too many of them. I need help! (Another wraith appears wearing green trapping gear and shoots it at DB who sees it coming but is unable to do anything about it. The trapping gear traps him against the wall and forces him to drop his jakk-stick. Artha groans with the force of the impact and struggles. Beau roars his defiance at the encircling wraiths as we cut to Word's citadel where he's watching on his screens.) Word: Too many wraiths even for you, Dragon Booster. (laughs evilly) (Cut back to DB pinned to the wall and still struggling against the trapping gear. Then all of a sudden we see Moordry come yelling and charging towards them with his whip out and ready and his visor up, covering his face. Beau looks towards him curiously. Moordryd whips at several dragons before letting it take hold on one of them and drain it. This causes Word to loose his feed, cutting him out of the loop.) Word: What? Who was that?! Grr, I must see what's happening! (Energy crackcles in a sort of chain reaction leading to the first dragon with the energy drain whip attached, draining energy from all of them. Cut to the trio of Kitt, Lance and Parm.) Kitt, incredulous: Is that...? Lance, equally incredulous: Moordryd?! (Cut back to DB, still trapped.) DB, also incredulous: Paynn?! (Moordryd laughs manically and fiddles with the controller in his jacket. He then cracks his whip and all of the wraiths go running.) DB, shocked: What? (Moordryd laughs again and then moves over to DB, helpless in the trapping gear, still laughing. He cracks his whip and lowers his visor. The whip cuts through the tethers of the trapping gear, dumping DB on his back. DB levers himself up to look at Moordryd, still shocked and disbelieving.) Faier, grateful: Thank you. Who are you? Moordryd: They call me Moordryd Paynn. (Decepshun rears as he urges her to leave.) Faier: Moordryd Paynn, 'ey? Now there goes a real hero. (Artha, hearing this, looks displeased.)

Scene change to Dragon Temple.

(Artha is pacing while everyone else is either sitting down (Parm and Lance) - lying down in Beau's case - or standing watching (Kitt and Mortis).) Artha, disgusted: Ugh, I was rescued by Moodryd Paynn?! Me! Dragon Booster! (He turns to look at everyone else, a sort of confused look on his face.) Artha: He's the bad guy, I'm the hero! Mortis, reasoning: I know it look strange, but you have to give Moordryd the benefit of the doubt. Artha, flatly: What? Mortis: Each of us has the potential to be the hero, Artha. Artha, dismissive: Toh, not him! A dragon can't change the colour of it's draconium. Kitt, frustrated: Uh, listen to you! Artha, defensive: What? Kitt: This isn't about Moordryd. This is about him getting noticed instead of you. Artha: What's that supposed to mean? Lance, explaining: It means the problem here is his big fat head again. (Lance swings his arms in a mock marching manner and fills his cheeks.) Parm, resigned: It's no small wonder you can still get you helmet on. Artha, adamant: But I'm the hero, Parm! Not Moordryd! Parm, standing up to make his point: Look at the race today. The battle with Moordryd through the mall. It was very dangerous - even reckless - chasing him through there. (Artha crosses his arms, pouts, and look sullen. Parm: You are taking everything way too personally. Kitt, in agreement: Yeah! And what if Moordryd Paynn hadn't shown up? Did you think of that? Artha, still on the defensive: Ugh, you too? Mortis, also in agreement: Kitt's right Artha. Artha, disbelieving at their ganging up on him: Ugh, you three? Mortis, being reasonable and wise: Battling the wraith dragons is more important than the acclaim for your heroism! You mustn't let your pride get the better of you. If not for Moordryd's heroics, you might have been defeated! (Artha sighs in defeat and walks off, muttering under his breath.) Artha: Moordryd's heroics. Moordryd's behind this, I know it!

Scene change to a busy street in Dragon City.

(Pan up from the hustle and bustle to a big screen showing some text that I can't decipher which fades to an overhead view of Faier being attacked by the wraiths.) Announcer: Tonight, on Dragon City Security patrol, a mid-city attack involving those mysterious invisible dragon is thwarted by All-City racer Moordryd Paynn who received a special commendation for bravery from Captain Faier. Move over Dragon Booster, there's a new hero in Dragon City. (The screen crackles into white and grey horizontal lines which resolves into a couple under a street light being attacked by three wraith dragons. Cut to view froma different angle and we see Decepshun's foot come down before cutting to a view of Moordryd in the saddle.) Moordryd, dramatically: Never fear! Paynn, is here. (The wraiths look over at him and he takes out the controller, not hiding it this time, and fiddles with it making all three wraiths run off in different directions. The couple look at him gratefully.) Couple: Thank you! Moordryd, clicking his tongue twice and grinning: Play safe. (Moordryd prepares to leave when we hear Artha from off-screen.) DB: We got business to settle, Paynn. (Moordryd looks surprised to hear his voice and pauses in what he's doing to look over at Artha coming towards him as the Dragon Booster and sneering.) DB: You, and me. (The couple look at each other in sudden fright and run off.) DB: Even I can't handle that many wraiths. You're behind this, aren't you? You're trying to trick people into thinking you're a hero. Moordryd, challenging: What's the matter, Dragon Booster? Can't handle a little competition? (DB looks astonished at what Moordryd is saying behind his mask.) Moordryd, turning slightly vicious: Maybe I just make a better hero than you do. Ever think o' that? (Beau growls.) Moordryd, craftily: Maybe the black and gold dragon would have chosen me. (Beau makes a negative sounding laugh, while Artha laughs.) DB: You?! Gimme a break. Moordryd: How do you know he wouldn't have? DB: Oh-hoh. This I'd like to see. (Beau mags Artha off his back and onto the road. DB: Well here! Be my guest! (Beau makes a curious sound.) DB, under his breath to Beau: Don't mag-toss 'im too far, Boy. (Beau chuckles in agreement. Cut to the trio on top of a nearby building, watching through binocs.) Lance, distressed: Artha, no! Kitt, incredulous: Is he serious? (Into her helmet mike) Are you serious?! (Cut back to DB.) DB, into his own helmet mike: Stay out o' this, guys. (Moordryd's feet touch the road in the foreground.) This is between me and Paynn. (Cut back to the trio, still watching through binocs.) Parm, assured: Oh, don't worry. Beau will never accept Moordryd. (Cut to DB standing welcoming and showing the way to the saddle as Moordryd comes over with Parm continuing from off-screen) The dragon of legend demands a person of exceptional character. (Looking at Moordryd's face then a close up of Beau's eye narrowing as they look at each other, Beau growling a little) Heroic. A-and worthy. With moral fibre, courageous. A-and with nice manners! (Beau lowers himself to allow Moordryd to get on. Cut back to Parm, lowering his binocs, worried.) Parm: Oh, my. (Moordryd looks a little surprised and awed as he looks at Beau.) Artha, hurt and surprised: Beau! (Cut to Kitt, surprised.) Kitt: What? (Beau growls a little as the camera pans to look at the saddle. CUt to Moordryd's face as he looks between it and Beau's face, looking back at the saddle a little excited. He then climbs on and sits down and Beau stands up once more.) Moordryd, amazed and surprised: I'm on! (Beau makes an indiscriminate noise.) DB, shocked: What? There is good in you. Moordryd, intoxicated by his success: It seem you're wrong about me Dragon Booster. You're not the first one. You're all wrong. I can be a Dragon Booster too! (He pulls out the Furox bonemark) And with this, I'll be unstoppable! DB, horrified: Noooo! (Beau looks up at Moordryd, a little alarmed and a little angry at this development whil Moordryd laughs and puts the bonemark on Beaus forehead. There is a blinding flash of light, forcing DB to look away. We see Beau's eye's pupils narrow as the irises turn from gold to red. CUt to Kitt, looking desperate.) Kitt, alarmed: Oh, no! (Cutting back to Beau and Moordryd, Beau's body is glowing and his markings changing, undergoing much the same transformation as Phorjj did when he was turned into the Furox. He roars. Cut back to the trio as they watch.) Parm: They're being taken over by the spirit of the Furox! (We see the scene through Parm's binocs as Beau glows a gold-tinged red. Beau roars with the shrilly tinge to it that the Furox had, shaking his head. Moordryd looks alarmed and scared by what's happening as he's tossed about in the saddle. Spines appear on Beau's back and we see Artha still cringing from the light of the transformation as more spines appear on Beau's tail. Beau glows even brighter for a second and roars before the glow dims.) Artha, worried: Beau! Moordryd, laughing and taken over by the Furox: Now, I will show all of you the true meaning of pain/Paynn. (He grins while Beau is baring his teeth) Let's see what my father thinks of his son now! Ha! (Beau and Moordryd move off, leaving Artha behind. Artha puts one hand to his head and reaches out to Beau with the other.) DB, despairing: Beau! What have I done?! (DB leaps into Decepshun's saddle who looks up at him curiously. He points forward and she lowers her head and starts to move.) DB: Heyaah!

Scene change to the interior of Word's Citadel, screens all around.

(We see Word standing in the centre of the room. He turns to look as he hears growling behind him and smiles evilly.) Word: Well I'll be scaled. (We see Moordryd atop Beau standing opposite his father.) You've taken the black and gold dragon of legend. With a touch of red, I see. (Beau growls at Word) Very stylish. Bring him to me. Moordryd, shaking his head: I don't think so. Word: Don't be a fool, Moordryd. Get down. Moordryd, defiant: No. Word, sighs: If you insist on being stubborn. (He leans down to a control panel and presses a button, launching a piece of trapping gear out of a pole toward Moordryd. Beau mag-blasts it away.) Word, unruffled: Such theatrics. (He reaches for the control panel again.) Moordryd, wagging his finger from side to side: Ah, ah, ah! (Moordryd reveals the controller from behind his back.) Word, shocked and angry: What?! (Moordryd presses a button on the controller and all of a sudden Word is picked up by the back of his coat/ cape thing and bounces a little in the grip of an invisible wraiths jaws.) Moordryd, grandly: Your reign of terror is over, father. There's a new Paynn in town. Moordry Paynn! And I am the new Dragon Booster! (While Moordryd was speaking the wraith shimmered slowly into view. Word looks up at the wraith and then to Moordryd.) Word: Seems you have a spine afterall, Moordryd. (Moordryd just looks at his father, dangling from the wraiths mouth. Word looks up to the wraith out of the corner of his eye once again and smiles.) Word: I'm impressed! I'm even proud! Moordryd: Proud? O-of me? (The light of the Furox in Moordryd's eyes flickers briefly. Decepshun's feet appear and we hear DB calling to Moordryd.) DB: Moordryd, stop! This is not the answer! Don't you see? There's a hero inside of you. (Moordryd's eyes soften a she hears this.) Word, sceptical: A hero? DB, ernestly: The dragon chose you too. (The markings around Moordryd's eyes flicker and fade. Beau senses this and looks up at Moordryd and growls. Moordryd reaches down to take the bonemark off Beau's forehead but Beau's eyes narrow and he mag-tosses Moordryd off his back and into his father.) Moordryd: Aaaaah! (Db looks surprised as he sees this action of Beau's. Moordryd gets up and put a hand to his head. DB hops down from Decepshun's back.) DB: Beau. (Beau looks over at DB and growls, advancing menacingly.) DB: Forgive me, boy. (Beau mags DB into the air while Moordryd and Word Look on. Moodryd looking a little worried and anxious and Word looks smug and satisfied. DB looks at Beau desperately and Beau and growls and his eyes narrow as he looks up at him. He then suddenly drops DB, letting him fall, yelling as he does. DB manages to grab onto the edge of a walkway on the way down with one hand. He looks down at the fall then back up as Beau appears over and above him, growling.) DB, with meaning: I've been a jerk! I know I'm only Dragon Booster because you chose me. (Beau growls) Because everybody helps me. This is not just between me and Moordryd. I'm supposed to be doing this to save everybody! Including Moordryd! Beau, please. Forgive me. (grunts with exertion) I know there's a hero in all of us. (groans with strain as his hand starts to slip and he tries to dig his fingers in to get more grip) Especially you, Beau. (We close in on Beau's eye and then see flash-backs of past episodes. Artha felling down and Beau comforting him in All is Not Lost, laughing with Artha in the stable and tripping Artha onto his butt on the race-track and finally Artha stroking Beau in All is Not Lost again. The flashes stop and Beau closes his eyes, shakes his head and roars then glares and DB once again. DB is slipping more and groaning and straining to keep his grip, but continuing to slip more and more all the same til he's hanging on by his fingers. We flash to Beau's eye once again then back to DB just as he loses his grip and falls down into the depths of the tower below with Beau watching from above. DB, screaming: Beeeaaaauuuuu! (We flash to Beau's eye with the reflection of DB falling in the pupils getting smaller and his voice fading away as he falls further. Beau lifts his head and roars as he starts to glow gold. The redness fades and his normal markings return. We close in on his eye and see it return to gold. Cut to DB, still falling, screaming as he does. A goldy-red mag-stream comes into view which grabs DB and halts his fall. DB looks at the mag-stream a little surprised, then up to Beau as he lifts him up and drops him into the saddle. Then there's a close up on the Furox bonemark which glows and then turns gold and is absorbed into Beau's natural start bonemark.) DB, amazed: The bonemark! You've absorbed it. (Beau grins and makes a grunting sound in agreement. Cut to Word and Moordryd, Word's mouth hanging open in surprise and Moordryd looking surprised and vaguely concerned as he looks between Beau and DB and his father. He puts his hands behind his back, nervously.) Word, shaking his head: Impossible. (Looking around) E-escape! (Beau advances, growling while Moordryd and particularly Word, look apprehensive, and in Word's case downright scared. He steps back, puts his hands behind his back and tries to look innocent as he disappears to the right of the screen, leaving Moordryd alone to face Beau. Moordryd looks after his father out of the corner of his eye then snaps back to look at Beau and DB. Beau growls a little less threateningly as Moordryd looks down, then up at DB.) Moordryd, amazed: He chose me. DB: Yeah. He did. Think about that. I will. (DB and Beau turn to leave, running down the pathway from the centre to the walls.) DB: Heyaah! (Moordryd watches them go solemnly and then looks down, all alone in the middle of the tower.)

Scene change to the stables, panning over.

(Fade into the interior with Artha leaning against a post facing everyone else, sitting leaning against Beau as he lies down facing Artha too. Everyone starts talking at once, asking questions and clamouring.)

Kitt: What happened with the bonemark? Parm: What happened with Moordryd? Lance: Weren't you scared? Artha, pleading: Guys. Lance, irrepresibly: How did you get Beau to stop? What did you say to him? Artha, frustrated: Guys! Guys! The same thing I need to say to all of you. I'm sorry for being such a jerk. (Beau looks up and makes a surprised sound at the same time as Lance says-) Lance, excited: Really? Artha, sincere: It's just, being Dragon Booster is a lot to live up to. (Panning across everyone else looking solemn and intent) And I need all the help I can get. Mortis is right. There is a hero inside everybody. And I promise, from now on? I'll keep an eye on my big- fat- head-. (On each of the last three words he bangs his head on the post, each time making a can on the cross-beam above jolt closer to the edge. On the last hit it falls off the cross-beam. Next we see Kitt, with a wry smile.) Kitt, wryly: So we see. (We then see Artha with the tin sitting squarely on his head. He lifts it part-way off and looks at everyone sheepishly while they all burst out laughing.)

Closing credits.

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