Episode 31 Transcript: No Paynn, No Gain Edit

Scene: Interior of Paynn Tower, Word`s control room, as Word watches a monitor showing the Shadow Booster...

Word Paynn: Shadow Booster... both you and my worthless son have become thorns in my side as of late, but sometimes the thorn is not as dangerous as the flower! Dragon`s Bane! A single petal can turn a mob of hundreds into rabid zombies that will attack everything in sight! [puts petal into a disrupter blackout mine] The stable brat and his crew will make a perfect first choice. Once they`re out of the way, I`ll unleash the rest of Dragon City, then the Dragon Booster! The zombies will cause complete chaos! And where there`s chaos, war follows - a new dragon-human war, my dragon-human war!! (laughs malevolently)

Scene: Interior of Penn Racing Crew`s tent; Artha and Kitt studying a holo of a racing track, as Parmon and Lance approach from outside...

Artha: 'The Heart of the Dragon'... We win this race so we can both catch Moordred in the Academy standings!

Kitt: Its a survivor race, stable boy, only one of us will catch him!

Parmon: [as he enters with Lance and a gear rack] You`re going to love this new level seven green ramming gear, Artha! High impact collision deflectors, kinetic converters, and hydrolic equalizers to boot! [trips over Lance`s Dragon Jouster toy] LANCE! I thought I told you to keep this work area tidy! All this rubish is going to attract... [freaks out in fright] creepy crawlies... [continues to freak at sight appearance of drago-slug] getawaygetaway...

Artha: Its just a drago-slug.

Parmon: [sputters] ...Nasty spikey very evil drago-slug!! [attempts to stomp on it, gets knocked down by Kitt]

Kitt: No! They help fertilize soil so that flowers can absorb nutrients. [pick it up, places it safely elsewhere] besides, its not right to go around stepping on living things.

Parmon: You`re right, Kitt. I`ve nearly been stepped on enough myself! [freaks as Beau attempts to step on him in jest] See!! [Beau chuckles at this]

Scene: The starting line of 'The Heart of the Dragon' race...

Race Marshall: Good day to you, my brave all-city street competitors! I am Race Marshall BUDGE! [moves his platform forward] And in attendance today... Sentrus!! The Academy Scout!! [audience cheers announcement]

Scene: The starting line...

Moordryd: [to Artha] Ready to lose, stable brat? [scoffs]

RM Budge: 'The Heart of the Dragon' race is about speed, power, but most of all SURVIVAL! The last racer and dragon standing WINS!! [hits gong to start the race; half the competitors go one direction, the others the other direction]

Scene: The crew pits, the tent of The Penn Racing Crew; Word looks furtively around to make sure he`s not seen entering tent.

Scene: A crew booth above the track...

Parmon: [to Artha] Green ramming gear and blue dragonstar gear at twelve o`clock! [Phistus and Pyrah coming towards Artha from two front directions]

Scene: Artha reacts to this news, magging towards Phistus, blocking his battlehammer with his blocking staff, landing on Brutarus` head. Phistus chuckles at this and swings again, but Artha has lept over him, landing on Brutarus` back behind the saddle. Phistus` blow hits Brutarus on the head, stunning him and sending him crashing into Pyrah and her dragon instead. Phistus and Pyrah are out of the race. Beau picks Artha up as he races past him...

Artha: Woo-hoo-hoooo! [crowd enjoys this turn of events]

Sentrus: [from observation booth] Impressive.

Lance: [in booth with Parmon]That was SO drac!

Parmon: [with eyes covered] Oh, I missed it!

RM Budge: UNBELIEVABLE!! After three laps, Pyrah and Phistus are already out of the race!

Scene: Kitt faces off with Moordryd, but he uses a mag-pulse to lift himself and his dragon and Wulf collides with Kitt instead, knocking them both out of the race...

RM Budge: KITT WON AND WULF ARE OUT!! Only Moordryd Paynn and Artha Penn remain!

Scene: Interior of Penn Crew`s racing tent...

Word: Sorry I missed you, stable brats. But Look! I brought you a nice flower[chuckles sinisterly as he places the disruptor mine on the underside of the table]

Scene: On the racetrack...

Artha: [checks draconium guage, seeing Beau`s levels are diminishing] What`s wrong, Beau? Are you okay? [Beau moans in exhaustion; Artha contacts Parmon...] Ahh Parm? You`re ramming gear is too heavy!

Parmon: [from holo screen] What? That`s impossible!

Scene: The track, as Moodryd races toward Artha...

Moordryd: You`re MINE, stable brat! [activates red thruster gear, then goes airbourn]

Artha: [to Beau]I`ve got an idea. Mag me! [he goes airbourn to meet Moordryd, but...] Eject your green gear... NOW! [Beau ejects it] Thrusters... NOW!

Scene: Both Moordryd and Artha rapidly move closer as their dragons get closer, but just before they meet Artha changes position on the mag-stream, getting pulled forward instead of pushed forward, passing a confused Moordryd just slightly below him...

Moordryd: [suprised]What?

Artha: [as he passes Moordryd by...] Woo-hoo-hooo!

Moordryd: [as something approaches him] What is THAAAAAaauuug????[gets hit by Beau`s ejected ramming gear, falls to the ground stunned, then in a shakey voice...]Oh. Its ramming gear. [gear falls in front of him stunning him once more]

Scene: Budge`s platform, as crowd goes wild at the action...

RM Budge: WHAT A RACE!! ARTHA PENN TAKES IT!! [crowd continues to cheer]

Scene: Interior of Penn Crew`s racing tent...

Lance: Oh I`m tellin` ya! That was sucha drac move, Artha!

Kitt: Yeah, great race, stable boy!

Parmon: [still miffed] That armour was not designed for that!

Artha: Well, I changed your design, professor!

Parmon: [sputtering] Changed? What?? [Artha, Kitt and Lance laugh at Parmon`s antics]

Scene: Outside, near the tent; Word has been listening to the banter...

Word: [chuckling sinisterly, activates the disruptor mine`s remote detonator, but nothing happens] What? The mine didn`t go off? [tries again, but Artha and crew exit the tent still laughing amongst themselves] Scales! [goes into tent after they leave, pcks up mine and examines it angrilly] Its malfunctioning??

Scene: Exterior of tent, a short distance away...

Parmon: Oh! I forgot my utility computer in the tent. I`ll be back in a sec![heads to tent, entering just as the mine in Word`s hand activates unexpectately...]

Word: Oh, dear. [the beeping mine goes off, filling the air around Word with Dragon Bane smoke] Aaaaghhh! [he emerges growling from the smoke grey skinned with glowing purplish-red eyes and grabs Parmon, dragiing him yelling into the tent, throwing him to the ground...]

Parmon: Artha! HELPPP!!!

Scene: Artha, Kitt, and Lance enter the tent, seeing Word collapsed on top of Parmon...

Artha: [suprised]Word?

Parmon: [knocking Word off himself] He set a trap but it backfired, it turned him into that. He was trying to attack me, but he just collapsed!

Kitt: [checks his heart] His heart-rate is down, he`s cold!

Parmon: [uses a medical scanner] He`s in some kind of deep, deep trance! Let`s leave him like that!

Artha: We have to help him.

Kitt: After everything he`s done to us?

Artha: You`d save a drago-slug life but not Word`s? Let`s get him to Dragon City Hospital.

Parmon: They won`t be able to help him. Acording to my scanners, he`s been hit with some kind of mind altering substance, probably ancient... they won`t have an antidote!

Lance: What do we do?

Parmon: We have to find someone who knows about ancient toxins!

Scene: The Dragon Temple far below Penn Stables...

Connor: You were right to bring him here, Artha. Word has been aflicted with Dragon`s Bane. Now if he`s not treated soon, he will remain like this forever. Parmon is right that there is no antidote in Dragon City, but there is a tome in the library at the academy that contains information on ancient substances and their counter-agents. I saw it when I went there.

Kitt: The Academy? [scoffs] We Can`t go in there! If we get caught we`ll be kicked out of racing forever!

Artha: We have to do this, Kitt. We can`t let him stay like this... even if he is our enemy.

Connor: (after a beat) ...I`m proud of you, Artha. Even I would have trouble saving him. Good luck.

Scene: Pit Row, exterior Penn Crew tent...

Parmon: Next to Precinct, the Academy`s got the tightest security in Dragon City, filled with laser tripwires, motion sensors, audio detectors...

Artha: I think I know someone who can help us get past all that stuff. Let`s go!

Scene: The Dragon Eye Compound, interior - a training room; Moordryd is practicing mag-claw against a hinged caraciture of the Dragon Booster, kicks it,knocking it flat but forgeting the hinge as he turns his back to it and springs back up, knocking him flat...

Moordryd: [Moordryd growls, frustrated] SCALES!!

Armeggadon: Moordryd! Not exactly the mag-claw tecnique I showed you! Your father has fallen victim to one of his own traps.

Moordryd: [suprised] What?? What happened?

Armeggadon: He accidentally dosed himself with Dragon`s Bane, and is in a deep trance-state... possibly for good!

Moordryd: I`ve got to help him!

Armeggadon: Before you rush off to save him, think about this: with your father incapacitated, his empire is yours, and with me helping you it won`t be long before you are more powerful than your father ever was.

Moordryd: But... he`s my father!

Armeggadon: Artha Penn and the other stable brats are already saving him.

Moordryd: [angrilly]What?

Armeggadon: They`re going to break into the Academy to find the antidote. I suppose if they get caught in there you can save your father and still get them out of the way at the same time. [Moordryd gathers his anger into one mag-claw bolt, firing it at the target and blasting a hole through where the head was painted]

Scene: A roof-top across from the Academy, Artha, Kitt, Parmon, and Lance...

Kitt: So... where`s this 'help'? [Behind them all, someone appears out of nowhere...]

Rivitt: Artha Penn.

Kitt: Rivitt? [sighs] I don`t know about this, Artha.

Rivitt: You want to sneak into the Academy or not? [Kitt nods; Rivitt holds something up] This device will de-activate any security systems you come upon. [As Artha reaches toward it, Rivitt pulls it back...] Ah-ah!

Artha: [confused] What?

Rivitt: You haven`t told me why you want to sneak into the Academy.

Kitt: What? [scoffs derisively]

Artha: I need information from the library that will help save Word Paynn.

Rivitt: Ahh, you`re beginning to sound like a Mechanist, young Artha Penn! You understand that not all in life is black and white, there is much grey! [activates his personal cloaking device, and disappears]

Kitt: [suprised] What?

Artha: Parm? Break out the gear.

Scene: Parmon looks at the Academy, finds a good spot and activates some white rappel gear, firing the grapnel to that spot and then secures the gear on the building behind them...

Artha: Let`s do this! [slides across the line using his blocking staff, followed by the others]

Parmon: [before sliding across] Wait a second! What am I doing?? I`m afraid of heights! [works up some courage, and then slides...] Wait for meeeeeeeee!!

Scene: Interior hallway of the Academy, the crew creep quietly along to avoid detection, passing a dark alcove where Sentrus is watching them go by; Artha consults Rivitt`s device...

Kitt: [whispering] This place is HUGE!

Lance: And full of... BUGS!! [taps Parmon on the back, pretending to be a bug, freaking him out and making him take off down the hall and around the next corner]

Parmon: [trapped in a web of laser tripwires, contorted awkwardly] Oh, my!

Artha: Parm. Stay absolutely still. [presses a button on Rivitt`s device, deactivating the tripwires; Parmon then falls flat] Okay guys, this way.

Scene: After going down the hall, they enter the library where Artha stops transfixed by a painting...

Artha: [awed] Whoa, the original Dragon Booster. [crosses arms over chest and bows respectfully; Kitt also finds herself transfixed by a painting, this one of a female warrior in red armour, holding a flame in one hand...]

Kitt: [reading the title plate below the painting...] It says "The Fire Booster"? [she duplicates Artha`s bow, as Sentrus watches from behind a bookshelf]

Scene: After searching some shelves, Artha finds the right book...

Artha: Here it is! [reads aloud] "The effects of Dragon`s Bane can be countered by the crushed petals of the Star Flower, harvested from the Wastelands of Loane." This is it!

Parmon: [continues the reading] "The wastelands are a dangerous place, adventurists should beware the deadly hydrags and..." [gasps] "the Muhorta"!!

Scene: Interior of a library window with tripwires still active; Moordryd watches the book through binocs, listening to Artha and Parmon reading...

Moordryd: [quietly] Thanks for deactivating the security and showing me how to get the antidote, stable brat! My father will be very happy I saved him... and got rid of you at the same time! [deliberately goes through the tripwires in the window, setting off a loud alarm]

Scene: The floor of the library as the alarm goes off suprising the crew, Kitt notices Sentrus is there watching them...

Kitt: Oh no. [Sentrus gestures with her hand, shutting off the alarm]

Artha: Sentrus! This isn`t what it looks like! We were actually trying to...

Sentrus: [cutting him off] Silence! I know why you are here! Your mission to save the life of your enemy is noble, and your honouring the ancient warriors has been noted. You will make excellent additions to the Academy! I sincerely hope that you prove yourselves in the next few races. [pulls a book on a shelf, opening a hidden passageway to the crew`s suprise] Now get out!! [they comply as quickly as possible]

Scene: The roadway outside from the Academy; Moordryd watches the Pen crew on the street below...

Moordryd: What? Escaped?? I`ve got to stop them! He`s my father and I`m saving him!

Scene: The Wastelands of Loane; Artha, Kitt, Parmon and Lance and their dragons move along an ancient roadbed...

Lance: [shouts to hear the echoes...] Hel-lo! [it echoes a few times]

Artha: Lance! We don`t need to draw any attention to ourselves!

Lance: [worried] Okay but...

Artha: What? [Lance points up to a ruined archway above a short distance away, where the Shadow Booster is perched with his dragon watching them]

Kitt: Oh no!

Artha: [as Shadow Booster powers up] Take cover!

Scene: Moordryd, as Shadow Booster mag-blasts the ruined tower above the Penn crews heads, collapsing it onto them...

Shadow Booster: The Penn brats are finished! [directs his dragon away] He-yah!

Scene: Inside the fallen rubble, which has fallen around but not onto the crew...

Artha: [to the others] Get to the Star Flowers, I`ll distract Shadow Booster!

Parmon: Okay, but BE careful Artha![they go off to find the flowers]

Artha: RELEASE THE DRAGON! [activates his draconium armour as Beau changes into the Dragon of Legend]

Scene: Further along the ancient roadway, Dragon Booster catches up to the Shadow Booster...

Artha: [as Dragon Booster] Shadow Booster! [activates his jackstick as Shadow Booster activates his blocking staff]

Scene: As they get in range, they swing at each other with their lances, blocking each other in a stalemate; they then ingage in a Mag-claw battle until the noise attracts the hydrags, who attack them; Artha ducks his attacker, but Moordryd attacks his hydrag opponent...

Armeggadon: Moordryd. Let the hydrags finish them for you. Then you can return for the antidote you seek.

Shadow Booster: Have fun, Dragon Loser! [laughs derisively as he leaves]

Artha: [as the hydrags growl menacingly at him] We`re not going down without a fight! [as he asumes a defensive position, Beau vocalizes to Artha] What are you grinning at?

Scene: Another roadbed nearby, Kitt, Parmon, and Lance are running a gauntlet of snarling hydrags...

Parmon: The map clearly indicates the we are close!

Lance: And we`re really close to those hydrags! Aaaaaaah!!!! [they all scream at near misses by the hydrags]

Kitt: [exhausted] We can`t outrun them![they all come to a stop as three hydrags appear in front of them]

Lance: [fearfully] We`re surounded!

Artha: [from off screen] Don`t be afraid!

Kitt: [suprised] Hunh?

Artha: The hydrags are friends![Beau makes indignant noise] Well, uh, of the Dragon of Legend. They`re gonna show us where the Star Flowers are, too.

Scene: Interior of the Penn crew racing tent; Artha administers the antidote to Word...

Artha: Let`s hope this works [makes Word drink the antidote, as unnoticed Moordryd watches; Word begins to wake up]

Word: [not quite awake, can`t focus eyes, sees the Penn crew] Stable brats? must`ve... [passes out, wakes up in his control room in Paynn Tower] Uh, my mind must be playing tricks! I had a dream the stable brats saved my life! It felt so real!

Moordryd: But it was me, father, [Word tries to focus his eyes on Moordryd] I saved you.

Word: [collapses into his seat] You`ve done well, my boy... very well indeed!

Scene: Exterior of Paynn Tower, fade to black.

*** Fin ***

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