Episode 39: Damaged Goods Edit

We enter the dragon temple where Artha & the gang are watching dragball on the screen and race marshal budge is speaking on it

Budge: Tune in tomorrow for the biggest event of the all city racing season the dragball elimination challenge! The final battle for the coveted slot in the prestigious dragon city racing academy it’s Paynne VS Penn! One get’s in, one goes home!

We zoom into Artha’s face which has a look of determination on it, we switch to him practicing jumping over obstacles and stuff with a dragball in his arms, Beau mags him but just too soon and Artha crashes into an obstacle, Parmon gives a that’s-gotta-hurt look.

Kitt: I think the machines are set a little to high, even for you stable boy

Artha: yeah well this is everything guys, I have to beat Moordryd or I don’t get into the academy, turn the settings higher!

Parmon: Seriously are you trying to get yourself hurt?

Artha: Guys stop worrying Ive got Kawake’s younger brother Shayyn on my side, he’s the best dragball player since Kawake himself

Parmon: yes but…

Artha: The next level lets go!

Artha starts with training again eyes narrowed with determination, he leaps and jumps and somersaults until...

Artha: Mag me Beau!

Beau mags Artha leaps and throws the dragball into the goal, he lands back on Beau’s saddle and both of them are smiling

Artha: See piece of cake

Beau nods and makes a noise of agreement, suddenly the alarm goes off and the screen comes down showing a blip moving swiftly towards the location of the ancient hall of records

Connor: whoever they are they’re close to the last rumored location of the ancient hall of records!

Artha: Looks like the Dragon Booster needs to go and investigate

Connor: The Dragon Booster needs to practice for tomorrow; besides the draconium readings are not that powerful it could just be some stray dragons or crew members from the Dragon Eyes!

Artha: yeah like Moordryd Paynn & Cain, what if they find bonemarks or worse, Iam going down there!

Connor: Artha! Everything is not a fight some things are more important

Artha: Iam just going to check it out!

We move to see Cain & Moordryd galloping fast on their dragons in the wastelands searching for something, Moordryd is on his screen to his father

Moordryd: Ive been riding for an hour! Where is this hall of records?

Word: The draconium map fragment will let you know when you are close

Moordryd looks at a fragment in his grasp with words on is spelling out what seems to be ‘fharg’

Moordryd: shouldn’t we be practicing for tomorrow’s academy event?

Word: listen to me Moordryd there are things hidden in the history of Dragon City that can make us invincible!

He disconnects and Moordryd gives a somehow repulsed look, then a blip appears on his screen

Moordryd: We have company!

They slam to a halt, Moordryd gives Cain the fragment

Moordryd: Take this get back to the compound we’ll come back later after I deal with our visitor

Cain nods and speeds off, Beau & Dragon Booster appear, Beau growls

Dragon Booster (Artha): Looking for something?

Moordryd: this doesn’t concern you Dragon Boo-boo

Dragon Booster (Artha): What are you looking for down here, the ancient hall of records maybe, some lost bonemarks

Moordryd: what for Iam already more powerful than you!

Dragon Booster (Artha) gives a look of repulsion

Moordryd: Unleash the shadow! He transforms into Shadow Booster, he laughs while transforming

They have a short mag battle

Dragon Booster (Artha): how about a little mag claw competition

Shadow Booster (Moordryd): Why not!

They fight and Dragon Booster wins the first round

Shadow Booster (Moordryd): not bad

He mag blasts and tosses Dragon Booster(Artha) into some rocks and some more rocks fall on top of him, Shadow Booster laughs, a large piece of rubble rests on Dragon Booster’s(Artha’s) chest hurting him, Beau picks it up and places it aside with a mag, Dragon Booster (Artha) gets up and clutches his right side in pain

Dragon Booster (Artha): groans not bad, not bad at all

Shadow Booster (Moordryd): Save your energy for tomorrow stable brat, you’ll need it gallops away laughing

Dragon Booster (Artha) walks towards Beau and Beau looks at him in concern, Dragon Booster (Artha) falls but Beau catches him with his head and pushes him up again

Dragon Booster (Artha): Iam hurt boy, Iam really hurt

Beau gives a sad look and makes a sad noise

Back in Dragon City the Drag Ball Elimination Challenge is about to start

Budge: This is the event you’ve been waiting for Penn VS Paynn in the Academy Dragball Elimination Challenge

Crowd Cheers

Budge: and in attendance today please welcome the Dragon City Racing Academy Dragon Master Akaroy!

The crowd cheer Akaroy’s name, meanwhile at the crew tents Parmon is pacing up and down and Lance and Kitt are standing waiting for Artha who eventually arrives

Parmon: where were you? Your very late!

Artha jumps off Beau’s saddle and immediately clutches his side in pain

Lance: He’s hurt!

Kitt: What happened?

Artha: Groans I got into it with the Shadow Booster he groans again

Lance: What are we gonna do?

Artha: ahhh clutches his chest I don’t think I can do this

Kitt: If you don’t compete they’ll disqualify you!

Artha groans then see’s someone approaching

Artha: Shayyn!

Kawake’s Brother Shayyn arrives on Rumbull

Shayyn: There are paths between every obstacle in life Artha Penn including this one

Back in the arena at the stands Connor and Word are standing at either side of each other, Word gives a shifty look at the Academy Dragon Master & Sentrus and puts on a fake kind voice

Word: Good luck to you Connor

Akaroy looks at Word and give a light smile, Word takes off his nice voice to hiss at Connor

Word: Your son will need it!

Connor sneers

Back at crew tents

Shayyn: adaptation is the way of the Will of the Dragon; you must take what is given you & make the best of it always

Artha: Maybe we should switch tactics!

Shayyn: Switch?

Beau mags Artha onto Rumbull’s saddle and Beau mags Shayyn onto his

Shayyn: yes you ride Rumbull as the blocker & I will ride your dragon as the mag forward!

Parmon: oh now, now I don’t know about this, let’s face facts Shayyn is not a natural goal scorer

Artha: Parm!

Parmon gives a frightened look at Shayyn who is sneering at him

Parmon: Uhh no offense…I think... nice Shayyn!

Shayyn smiles

Artha & Shayyn arrive into the stadium & Moordryd, Cain, Connor & Word are very baffled at the switch in riders

Moordryd: Huh?

Word: What trickery is this?

Connor: What’s going on down there?

Dragball starts

Budge: and here we go! Shayyn & Paynn mag for it

Cain rams into Artha on Rumbull and pins him with entrenching gear, Connor gives a worried look, Meanwhile Moordryd & Shayyn are still leaping for the dragball Moordryd knocks Shayyn out of the way

Budge: Shayyn blocked by Moordryd Shayyn lands back on Beau’s saddle, Moordryd gets the dragball & kicks it into goal and he scores!

Budge sounds his gong and they go again, Artha charges with Rumbull towards Cain & Cain gets out his blocking staff he leaps and swipes at Artha

Budge: what a move by Cain!

Artha slams to a halt too late into one of the obstacle things and crashes, the crowd plus Akaroy give worries looks, Shayyn is busy running along with Beau with the dragball in his hand and suddenly gets rammed by Cain, Sentrus gives a that’s-gotta-hurt look, Shayyn looses the dragball

Budge: the dragball is loose! Paynn moves in Moordryd whacks it with his blocking staff and it pings off things then he mags and whacks it hard he shoots, he scores! And it’s 2 nothing Dragon Eyes!

Artha: No! Word smiles at Connor and Connor sneers, Moordryd mags back onto Decepshun and stands balancing on Decepshun’s saddle impressing the crowd

Moordryd: laughs this is too easy!

They wait to start again

Artha: to Shayyn mag switch with me on the toss that aorta surprise them

The dragball shoots up, Moordryd mags upwards to the dragball, Beau quickly mags Artha onto his saddle and Shayyn onto Rumbull’s saddle, Cain gives a shocked look

Budge: What’s this? Penn and Shayyn mag switched!

Artha leaps for the dragball but Cain mags the mag connected to Artha & Beau and Beau drops down and ducks and Artha falls, the crowd gasps & Connor looks concerned, Artha lands perfectly and teeters as his injury is getting to him, Shayyn rams into Coershun & Decepshun breaking Decepshun’s mag to Moordryd & Moordryd falls

Budge: ooooh slamming in by Shayyn!

Artha runs for the dragball

Budge: Penn races for the dragball

Artha grabs the ball & continues to run, Connor watches

Budge: here comes his dragon

Beau comes up behind Artha, Akaroy smiles, Beau mags Artha up

Budge: he mags

Artha tosses the ball into the goal

Budge: he scores! It’s 2 to 1

Kitt, lance and Parmon cheer, Artha leaps for the dragball but Moordryd elbows him hard in his sore place and Artha groans, Moordryd grins, Budge gives a concerned look

Budge: Artha Penn looks hurt!

Connor gives a shocked look

Kitt: covers her mouth oh no!

Both Moordryd & Cain come alongside Artha to ram him but Beau leaps and they ram into each other, Sentrus gives another that’s-gotta-hurt look

Budge: What a trash!

Shayyn runs into Moordryd and Cain and traps them and Artha & Beau escape

Budge: Penn gets free! He’s off, He mags Artha tosses the ball feebly into the goal Penn scores again! Tie game!

They get ready for next round

Cain: Moordryd we gotta change our tactics they’re starting to scrape our scales!

Moordryd: relax Cain Artha Penn is hurt & hurt bad, the stable brat is nearly finished!

Artha leaps for the dragball and Moordryd & Cain charge and so does Shayyn, Decepshun and Coershun run into him, tossing him aside into a pillar, Artha gets the ball and continues to run with Beau but Moordryd & Cain get to him and push and shove into him ramming his injury & Artha looses the dragball, Moordryd mags, leaps and scores, Artha clutches his injury and Connor and Beau give worried looks

Old wrinkly Penn fan: booooooooo

Artha runs with the dragball, Cain shoots his green ramming gear and knocks Artha off his saddle he first holds on with two hands then with one, Connor gives a worried look

Artha: I can’t hold on!

Beau flips Artha back up onto his saddle, Cain whacks the dragball with his blocking staff and Decepshun tail kicks it into the goal

Budge: and at half time the score is Dragon Eyes 4 Penn Stables 2

At crew tents

Artha gets down off Beau and groans

Kitt: you have to stop!

Lance: there’s always next year!

Artha: no! I have to go back out there!

He groans and falls on all fours

Connor: let it go son, it’s over

Artha gives a disappointed look, Budge appears

Budge: Can your son continue Connor?

Both Connor & Artha look at each other

Artha: coughs Yes he can!

Budge: shows a centimeter with his finger Iam this close to ending this match

Parmon: Artha you, you mustn’t Moordryd will keep bashing away at your injury until you can barely walk!

Kawake: Walk!?

Connor: Kawake!

Shayyn: Brother!

Kawake: For centuries the Will of the Dragon crew has always been about moving with the flow of life, taking whatever comes our way, but that does not make us victims for passers, just because I cannot walk doesn’t mean I cannot stand up for what is right! If Artha wants to stand up he should be allowed to stand, if he falls it won’t be because he didn’t try!

Artha: Kawake is right! It doesn’t matter if I win or get into the Academy, it’s that I try!

Both Connor & Kawake smile

Artha: to Shayyn How good are you and Rumbull with aero gear?

Shayyn: heh not to good looks at Rumbull but not to bad either

Artha smiles

Artha & Shayyn arrive back to the arena

Budge: what’s this? Artha Penn & Shayyn have returned from half time with a strange new gear combination!

Camera goes sideways left to show Rumbull wearing white aero gear and 2 pairs of red thruster gear and Beau wearing white aero and red thruster gear as well including white rappel gear

Word: What is the meaning of this? One should mag jump one should block!

Akaroy looks at Sentrus

Sentrus: There is no rule in dragball about gear only mag battle is not allowed, this tactic is risky, most interesting

They start & Moordryd mags and Artha activates the rappel gear and grabs the dragball and pulls it out of reach, Artha mags and Beau opens the grapple and Artha grabs the dragball & passes it to Shayyn, Shayyn notices Cain charging towards him with green ramming gear but Shayyn activates the thrusters and Rumbull jumps and activates the white aero gear and flies over Cain and Cain watches dumbstruck, Shayyn mags and chucks the ball into goal. Meanwhile Artha & Moordryd are still jumping for the ball Artha gets it but Moordryd grabs his leg with the whip and yanks him down forcing him to drop the ball Beau rums forward and catches him and the ball lands on Beau’s saddle and Artha jumps and scores & Moordryd gives an angry look.

Budge: Artha and Shayyn score! And the game is tied again

Kitt, Lance & Parmon cheer

Moordryd: clenches his fist yarrggghh

Meanwhile Word is hidden at the corridor to the crew tents and he puts on his wraith glasses

Word: tied yes, but not for long!

Word takes out his controller and brings in a wraith dragon, They start again & Artha mag jumps for he ball, Cain mags too & Moordryd charges, Beau gasps & Moordryd pins Beau to a structure, Artha reaches for the ball but Cain punches him out the way and grabs it then chucks it to Moordryd and mags off Decepshun and runs to the goal, Cain pins Shayyn, Artha notices Moordryd heading for goal and jumps of his flying board and flies towards Moordryd, Word makes the wraith dragon walk faster & Parm notices the wraith dragon with his binoculars

Parmon: Artha wraith dragon twelve o’clock!

Artha: Huh?

The wraith dragon knocks Artha off his board and Moordryd turns to look

Moordryd: Wraith dragons!

Artha lands on Moordryd and the ball rolls on the floor, Cain grabs the ball and runs and scores

Budge: with second to go the dragon eyes lead 5 to 4

Moordryd is on his COM link to his father

Moordryd: I don’t need your help father, I can finish this myself!

Word: yells what! How dare you, the academy is everything you little …

Moordryd cuts him off

Cain: Moordryd what are you doing take the help!

Moordryd: Iam gonna win this without cheating!

They wait to start Artha hold his injury with a painful expression & looks at Shayyn, Shayyn looks back at him concerned, they both concentrate and give determined looks.

They start & Moordryd mag jumps and so does Artha, Cain charges and so does Shayyn, Cain shoots the ramming ball and Shayyn deflects it & it pings of stuff, Artha gets the ball but so does Moordryd and they have a tug of war, Word makes his wraith dragon charge and it knocks down Beau & Decepshun, Beau is flung haphazardly into a structure & knocked out, both Artha and Moordryd fall, the crowd gasp in disbelief, Shayyn chases Cain and grapples Cain’s saddle and they get wrapped around a structure, Cain shakes his head at Shayyn.


The dragball rolls and stops in front of Artha & Moordryd, Artha crawls towards it with determination and grabs it, Connor stands up looking very concerned.

Moordryd: stable brat, stay down, you’re hurt too badly, I can’t stop my father’s wraith dragons, thee really is next year!

Artha ignores Moordryd & grabs the ball and tries to stand u, he gets up then falls and leans against a structure, Akaroy & Sentrus stand up looking very concerned as well, Artha looks out towards the goal and gives a stiff upper lip and starts to limp slowly towards the goal, Moordryd watches in awe then feels the ground thump beside him as the wraith dragon moves slowly towards Artha, Moordryd gives an angry look at his father who is controlling the remote, the wraith dragon charges but Moordryd all of a sudden jumps in and stands in the way of the wraith dragon.

Word: What!

Word swiftly moves the remote aside and the wraith dragon collapses and knocks Moordryd off his feet, the remote sparks and Word yells and drops it, Moordryd looks to see if Artha can make it, Artha gets a pain surge and collapses to the floor and he looks up and whispers softly

Artha: Beau if you can hear me, I need you

Beau starts to move and he jerks awake, Artha is maged slowly upwards, Artha looks slowly around to see Beau maging him and Beau makes grumbling noises as he concentrates the mag and he closes his eyes, Artha smiles fondly and feebly tosses the ball into the goal and scores.

Budge: Penn scores its five all! At the end of regulation the game and the academy standings are a tie

Lance: great, now what about overtime?

Beau lowers Artha to the ground and Connor comes and lifts his head and Artha looks to see his brother and friends smiling at him and he smiles back weakly.

At the crew tents Connor is supporting Artha and they see Moordryd, Word and the achademy people coming towards them

Word: furious Look at him, he can’t compete disqualify him!

Sentrus and Akaroy walk towards Artha

Sentrus: such a great competition this year, such worthy students, there will be no overtime! Moordryd gives a ‘What’ look the dragon city racing achademy will make the great exception this year, both Moordryd & Artha will be accepted!

Everyone cheers and Word gives a look of anger, Moordryd slowly walks towards Artha, Artha gives an Iam- not- sure look and Moordryd hold out his hand, Artha smiles and takes his hand and they shake, Moordryd smiles.

Moordryd: congratulations Artha, I guess I’ll see you at the achademy

Artha: smiles you too Moordryd, you too

They both turn to look at the academy glowing and shining like a beacon before them, the screen shimmers and shows text saying ‘to be continued at: Dragon Booster Achademy, screen fades to black

The End

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