Episode 37: Cain's Mutiny Edit

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(Night. Dragon Eyes are doing their favorite activity- stealing. Cain is making a bull-class dragon enter the van)

Cain: Argh!

(A dragon roars at him)

Cain: Easy... Easy!

Moordryd: Cain! Stop wasting time! Your award tonight is for excellent service to the Dragon Eyes, not for slowness!

(Cain sighs. The sound of police sirens can be heard and soon the security appears)

Cain: Oh, great! Dragon City Security…! You’ve got a plan Moordryd? … Moordryd?

(Moordryd is racing away)


Cain: Burn claws!

(Blarre and Rancydd are running away. Suddenly the Shadow Booster appears)

Cain: Shadow Booster…

(Moordryd blasts mag balls at fed-locks and frees some dragons that were standing nearby. The stampede rushes at the security)

Cain: Move it! NOW!

(They run off, Cain looks behind suspiciously)


(The crew has escaped. Coershun breaths heavily. Cain, with annoyance building on his face, looks up and sees Moordryd coming to them)

Moordryd: Heh, nice work! You’ve got some dragons.

Cain: Y-You hung us out!

Moordryd: I didn’t have a choice, Cain.

Cain: Of course not… Can’t get caught and loose you shot at the Academy! We’re extendable, right?!

Moordryd: That wasn’t it…!

Cain: You’re saving your own tail while the Shadow Booster saved ours!

Moordryd: Arg! You don’t understand, I’m the-

(Moordryd opens his mouth about to reveal his secret but suddenly stops in mid-sentence and lowers his head. Then with cold fury he glares at his lieutenant. Cain looks surprised by this action )

Moordryd: See you at the Fire Cave tomorrow.

(He speaks slowly, with anger and storms off)

Cain (to himself): Maybe the Shadow Booster needs a crew?


(We spin off to the Fire Cave. Pyrrah is leading, then Cain, Artha, Moordryd, Wulph, Khata and Phistus)

(Khata jumps using his aero-gear. Lance and Parm are watching the race and pretend to be commentators)

Lance: Great move by Khata!

(Wulph tries to avoid a fire blast but accidentally smashes with Phistus)

Lance: Aww, and there goes Wulph!

(Artha appears on the vid-screen)

Artha: Guys, are you announcing the race or helping me?

(Lance and Parm pretend to hold microphones)

Lance: The young Penn seems upset. Over you Parm?

Parm: Thanks Lance. Good point! I wonder what’s gotten under his scales?

(Artha looks annoyed)

Parm (off-screen): Let’s go to the re-play-

Artha: Not. Funny.

(The wannabe commentators laugh)

Parm: I suggest the most expedient strategy of action is to emulate the course leader until the final heat.

Artha: Huh?

Lance: Follow Pyrrah, she knows the Fire Cave.

(Cain is next to Pyrrah, Artha follows. They prepare their aero-gears. Behind them Moordryd, quite irritated, talks with Armeggaddon)

Moordryd: “Let Cain Race,” you said. And here he is in front of me instead of navigating. What were you thinking?!

Armeggaddon: I was thinking you use Cain to your advantage.

Moordryd: Advantage? But he’s alongside Pyrrah and the Stable Brat!

Armeggaddon: Exactly.

Moordryd: What?

Armeggaddon: You know, what to do.

Moordryd: I guess a little fall won’t hurt him too badly.

(He hides the amulet and charges a mag-blast at Cain. The impact smashes him into Pyrrah and they both are down. Moordryd smiles and keeps on racing. He didn’t notice that his friend is falling into a pool of lava)

Cain: AAARGH!!!

Artha: Cain! Beau, NOW!

(The Stable Boy jumps after his enemy and shots a… white gear that looks like a rope -_-“ It catches Coershuns saddle and they fly inches above the lava)

Artha: Come on Beau, we’re almost there!

(Artha, using his aero-gear, flies to the other side of the gap and tries to pull Cain up)

Artha: Come on boy, pull!

(With effort he manages to pull them up. Cain is slightly surprised)

Artha: Are you okay?

(Cain looks quite embarrassed)

Cain: Just worry about your own scales, STABLE BRAT!

Artha: Huh, you’re welcome. I’d like to stay and chat but I’ve go a race to win.

(Artha storms off. He overtakes all racers)

Artha: Come on, Beau! Hurry!

(The race is over, Moordryd won and Artha is second. Artha is talking with Kitt, Lance and Parm)

Kitt: I can’t believe you saved Cain and still came in second!

(Artha smiles and then sees Cain running. Both Cain and Moordryd glare at each other furiously. Moordryd rises… half of his brow and runs off)

Cain: Did you see that?

(Blarre and Rancydd are standing nearby. Cain comes closer to them)

Cain: So that’s my service to the Dragon Eyes. Pushed around, doing everything he wants so HE can get all the glory! Well he better shows up at my awards party tonight, that’s all I can say.

(He rises a fist)

Cain: He BETTER show up.


(We go to the Dragon Eyes compound, loud music is heard. Inside there indeed is a party, with disco light, balloons, cake with candles, people wearing paper crowns, etc. Rancydd is blowing a party trumpet, Cain and Blarre make ‘cheers’ and god I swear, Shane is there too! Cain looks around, searching for Moordryd. He’s absent.)

(There is a close up of the cake. After a while it is all melted, only half of the candle is lighted. Blarre, disappointed, looks at her watch. Cain, annoyed, drinks something and throws the glass behind. Rancydd, bored, is building a glass pyramid. Even much later, Blarre and Rancydd are sitting on a couch covered with balloons and Cain is pacing impatiently.)

Rancydd: So Cain, you’re Seer of the Dragon Eyes now. How does it feel?

Cain: If I’m a Seer why can’t I see our leader? All Moordryd cares about these days is the Academy!

Rancydd: What happens to us if he makes it in?

Cain: *sigh* You know, maybe it’s time for a new leader? One that won’t leave us behind?

Rancydd: You mean a mutiny?

Cain: Yeah… Yeah, that’s it! But not just any mutiny, CAIN’S MUTINY.

(Blarre and Rancydd look at each other surprised and the smile)


(We see a classical after-party scenery. Moordryd has a bit of ‘wtf’ look on his face. He tastes the cake)

Moordryd: Ymm. Draconee-yum-bar cake, my favorite.


(Spin off to the Council of Twelve meeting room. Khata, Phistus, Chute, Shane, Marianis, Dorsul >without his helmet *screams*< Wulph, his lieutenant, Blarre, Cain, Rancydd, Pyrrah, Spynn and Vociferous are gathered around the table)

Cain: So, do we have a deal? Is Cain&#8217;s Mutiny in?

Phistus: What you&#8217;re asking for is not in the Council of Twelve charter.

Cain: It&#8217;s not a Council of Twelve anymore, fist-head. It&#8217;s a &#8220;Council of Eleven&#8221;! Moordryd&#8217;s crew is now my crew&#8230; and you want him gone just as bad as anybody.

Pyrrah: The city IS heating up&#8230; Perhaps they can join us, trial members?

(Everybody is murmuring to each other. Cain is smiling)

Moordryd: A council meeting without me?!

(Paynn Jr. enters, looking rather furious)

Moordryd: What this is all about?

Phistus: Cain&#8217;s crew wants to join the council.

Moordryd: I&#8217;m- I&#8217;m sorry&#8230; &#8220;Cain&#8217;s Crew&#8221;? Ahahaha&#8230; That&#8217;s MY crew!

Cain: Oooh, I though you want to support us Moordryd. A new crew that can help you out against those nasty Wraith Dragons you seem to know. So. Much . About.

Moordryd: You wouldn&#8217;t dare&#8230;

(Cain just smiles, with a defiant expression)

Phistus: Dare what?

Cain: Oh, nobody knows the Wraith Dragons like you, DO they Moordryd? Like you know exactly where they came from or something.

(*dumdumdum* TENSION!)


(The view of the Penn Stables. Kitt and Artha are brushing their dragons)

Parm: Have you heard? We&#8217;ve just received an [*] report about the downcity council-

Lance: Cain and a bunch of Dragon Eyes bailed on Moordryd and started their own crew!

Parm: Without Moordryd&#8217;s interference it&#8217;s the ideal time for the Dragon Booster to try to reunite the council.

Artha: Or it&#8217;s another trick&#8230;


(Shadow Booster is attacking Pyrrah and Ignith in the Fire Cave)

Shadow Booster: You betrayed Moordryd Paynn!


(It&#8217;s time for Vociferous and Spynn. They barely avoid the falling parts of a building that SB blasted)

Shadow Booster: Moordryd is the only one who dares to challenge the real menace- that pitiful Dragon Booster!


(Wulph and his second in command get blasted off their dragons)

Shadow Booster: Fools!!! You mess with Moordryd, you mess with ME!!!


(The Shadow Booster is in a dark alley. Moordryd takes out the amulet and turns to his normal self. Armeggaddon wastes to time to share his opinion with his student)

Armeggaddon: What are you doing? I didn&#8217;t authorize this!

Moordryd: Authorize?! Who are you, my Father? It&#8217;s always all about you, Armeggaddon!

Armeggaddon: Insolence!!!

Moordryd: ENOUGH! Cain was right about one thing: it&#8217;s time for me to act like a leader for a change.

(Evil talking amulet of doom disappears and there is a close up of Moordryd&#8217;s &#8216;Burning Determination of Youth&#8217;)


(The Council of Twelve meeting room. Same people are present with an addiction of Dragon Booster)

Dragon Booster: Together we can stop the Shadow Boosters rein of terror and then concentrate on the Wraith Dragons.

Phistus: He&#8217;s right! There&#8217;s strength in numbers. Like the fingers of a fist.

Wulph: Hmm. The strength and the Shadow Booster. That&#8217;s how I see it.


Dragon Booster: But&#8230; isn&#8217;t the purpose of this council that the crews work together?

(Many voices agree)

Shadow Booster: I don&#8217;t think so.

(Dragon Booster gets blasted into the wall and falls like a rag doll. Shadow Booster comes to the round table. People are backing down and he turns to his crew members and gives a small mag-blast under their feet making them jump a little)

Shadow Booster: Mwahahaha!

(Voice of the Dragon, Dragon Flares and Army of the Dragon members stand behind Shadow Booster)

Shadow Booster: Even the dragon of legend can&#8217;t save your scales this time Dragon Booster!

Phistus: Not in my council!

(Everybody is ready to fight)

Pyrrah: Look around you Phisty- There is NO council!

Shadow Booster: I second that. Meeting adjourned!

(He mags the round table and throws it at his enemies. They break outside through the wall but in mid-air all dragons mag their riders. Shadow Booster is laughing from the tower and suddenly jumps, get magged by Decepshun and starts fight with Artha. They exchange some fancy blasting and they seem equal. The duel is interrupted by sirens of the city security.)

Shadow Booster: Next time it&#8217;s over Dragon Looser! Then the whole downcity council will be fighting by my side!

(Moordryd and his new crew run off)


(The Penn Stables. Dragon Booster is coming to his friends, looking beaten up.)

Dragon Booster: Looks like a whole bunch of the council is united all right- united against me.

(Kitt, Lance and Parm look helplessly at each other)


(The council. Again.)

Phistus: I&#8217;ve called this emergency meeting because I believe that the Shadow Booster is too dangerous-

Moordryd: Maybe for you.

(Moordryd is standing in the doorway, leaning on the wall, looking smooth and sexy >slaps herself<)

Moordryd: I can do what this councils leader can&#8217;t- I can stop the Shadow Booster from bothering the downcity crews ever again.

Phistus: Why? Because you&#8217;re working with them?

(Cain looks uncertain)

Cain: Are you&#8230;?

Moordryd: Let&#8217;s just say we&#8217;ve got an understanding.

(Murmurs. Phistus has a dumb look on his face)

Moordryd: The Shadow Booster is the only one with the power to stop the real menace- The Dragon Booster.

Phistus: The Dragon Booster has been our ally.

Moordryd: The Dragon Booster hasn&#8217;t stopped the Wraith Dragons, has he Cain? Join me and the Shadow Booster will be a stronger ally. Who&#8217;s with me?

(Of course the gang of evil joins Moordryd again.)

Moordryd: Sorry fist-head.

(He winks at Phistus)


(On the street Moordryd is giving a speech to his new crew)

Moordryd: Show no mercy. And when this is all over, a new council will rule the streets of Dragon City. Let&#8217;s begin with hunting down the Dragon Booster!

(Everybody run in different directions searching for Artha)


(The meeting room. Phistus, Khata, Marianis, Dorsul Cain, Blarre and Rancydd are present. Phistus sighs)

Cain: I&#8217;ll help you.

Phistus: How can you help us?

Cain: Oh, I know Moordryd&#8217;s moves better then Moordryd does.


(Dragon Booster is running down the streets. On his vid-screen he sees another presence coming close)

Dragon Booster: I think we&#8217;ve got company boy.

(Pyrrah stands in his way)

Dragon Booster: Pyrrah listen to me! You have to stop this craziness!

Pyrrah: I&#8217;m about to do that! Sorry Dragon Booster&#8230;

(She fires a flare into the sky)

Dragon Booster: We better get out of here Beau.

(They try to run but they are surrounded. Moordryd laughs)

Moordryd: It&#8217;s over, Dragon Looser.

(They all attack Artha with different kinds of gear and finally Vociferous binds him a flash-stick. Then the energy-drain whips are used and the mighty heroes fall. Moordryd laughs evilly. With his whip he roughly pulls the dragon Booster closer to him)

Moordryd: It’s over, Dragon Booster. You’re energy is almost gone and finally, the dragon of legend is mine. Full power drain NOW!

(Artha screams. Wulph looks at his screen and sees 3 intruders. Mutely his give signs to his companion)


(Penn crew is running to the rescue but the way is blocked by the two Army of the dragon members)

Kitt: What a shock- the Army of the Dragon changed sides again.

(Wulph uses a green trapping gear and traps Wyldfyr. With a scream Kitt off her dragon straight into&#8230; Cain&#8217;s arms)

Kitt: Cain&#8230;?

Cain: Ah, looked like you could use a hand, Kitt Wonn.

Lance: Cain&#8217;s on our side?!

Phistus: So are we!

(The &#8216;good&#8217; side of the council is standing in a alleyway, ready to fight)

Wulph: Huh?

(The Army of the Dragon backs down)

Cain: Okay, let&#8217;s crash this party.

(They all run off to save the Dragon Booster)


(Back to Moordryd. Artha is lying motionlessly.)

Moordryd: The Dragon Booster&#8217;s armor- it&#8217;s drained! Finally I get to see who you really are. Almost there&#8230; almost-

(A shuriken cuts off his whip)

Moordryd: What?

(The rescue team is there)

Cain: &#8216;Almost&#8217; only counts in dragon shoes.

Moordryd: <em>CAIN!
You&#8217;ll pay for that!

(Decepshun mags him. Both teams are now facing each other)

Phistus: Your move, Paynn!

(Moordryd just smiles and starts the fight. There is some battle animation from ‘The Mechanist’. Cain is fight versus Moordryd, Phistus vs Vociferous and later Wulph, and Marianis vs Spynn)

(Artha regains consciousness and sees everybody fighting above him. He turns to his dragon)

Dragon Booster: Beau&#8230; Give all you&#8217;ve got boy&#8230;

(Beau concentrates and the star on his head starts to glow)

Dragon Booster: &#8230; Yeah&#8230; That&#8217;s it boy!

(Beau stands up, mags his rider and gives a mighty roar. The a golden mag dome appears around him. Everybody is blasted back to their saddles. Moordryd runs off and Cain follows him )

(The crews are again acing each other, ready to start another battle. The Dragon Booster is standing between them)

Dragon Booster: STOP THIS! We&#8217;ve fought together before!

(His words catch Pyrrah&#8217;s attention. Artha turns to the rebel crews)

Dragon Booster: You know I&#8217;m on your side.

Phistus: Listen to him! We are tearing this council apart, for what!?! We are supposed to keep peace between crews. NOT FIGHT!

(Artha looks at Pyrrah and her face softens)

Pyrrah: They&#8217;re right.

(Dragon Booster smiles)

Pyrrah: Where is Moordryd Paynn anyway? He turned tail the minute the heat was on.

Khata: And if he gets into Academy, do you actually think he cares what happens to the Council of Twelve?

(Everybody agree and Beau gives his trademark mighty road)


(Spin off to Moordryd. He&#8217;s about to transform into Shadow Booster but suddenly Cain appears)

Cain: What are you up to now, huh? Abandoning your new crew like you abandoned ME?

Moordryd: I didn&#8217;t abandon you&#8230; I just couldn&#8217;t tell you.

Cain: I thought we were FRIENDS! Couldn&#8217;t tell me what?!

(For a moment Moordryd looks lost and not sure what to do but Cain&#8217;s gaze is intense. He finally breaks and shows him the amulet and then transforms into his sinister ego)

Moordryd: Unleash the Shadow!

(During the change Cain looks rather terrified)

Shadow Booster: Now you understand why I missed your party?

(Unexpectedly, Cain smiles widely with eyes full of amazement. Moordryd comes near him)

Shadow Booster: Come on, let&#8217;s get out of here. We have work to do. And remember Cain: if I get into the Academy, some of my crew goes with me.

(He puts a hand on his friends shoulder and Cain looks happy)


(Another party at the Dragon Eyes Headquarters. This time all the crew members seem to have fun, Cain is eating lots of Draconeeyum-cake. In the more gloomy background stands Moordryd, listening to Armeggaddon's ranting)

Armeggaddon: How dare you disobey me! How dare you risking everything by exposing your identify to him! A NOBODY!

Moordryd: He's not a nobody- he's my FRIEND. And I have a party to go to.

Armeggaddon: Arrrgh&#8230;

(Moordryd drops the amulet on the floor)

Cain: You're eating or what?

Moordryd: Any more Draconeebar-cake left?

(Cain, with mouth full, nods and Moordryd gives his sweetest smile ever! The amulet lies behind, glowing balefully)</em>

[*] - This word is beyond my dictionary, sorry people -_-"

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