The Inner Order Crew
Inner order crew
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Blue
Leader Khatah
Base of Operations Down City
Formed Before the series began
First Appeared In Episode 7: The Horn of Libris
Last Seen In Episode 39: Damaged Goods
Council Crew Yes

The Inner Order is one of the most honest and fair crews in Dragon City. Honor plays a big role in their conduct, both on the race track and off. Upholding order and respecting rules is so important to them that they even teach it to their dragons. They keep their word and will not betray their allies.

The Inner Order crew compound appears to be located in the same section of Down City as that of the Dragon Eye Crew. They are masters at the Horn of Libris race.

So far, only Khatah, Sarjo and Shock-Ra have appeared on screen, and only Khatah has had a speaking role. Four other unnamed blue dragons from the Inner Order appeared in "Rules of Power" and they exhibited the same sense of honor as the other crew members.

Known Members Edit

  • Khatah - Leader
  • Sarjo - Co-Leader