Red Draconium is one of the 13 different colours of Draconium found on Draconis and in Dragon City, as well as being considered as one of the five main draconium colours. It is best known for its representation of fire, and is a colour used in many common and frequently-used gear types. Because of this colour's common status, many dragons which share different colour types will often contain some percentage of Red Draconium in their bones. The current leading and largest crew who's main influence is Red Draconium are the Dragon Flares Crew.

People who fall under the primary influence of this colour tend to be bold, outspoken and often rash in their decisions. Just like the gear made from this Draconium, they can be fiery people, and tend to always be on the move and at a brisk pace. People who fall under this influence also tend to be highly excitable and tend to be unpredictable in their actions, but often form loyal bonds quickly with others.

Red Draconium dragons are creatures of bonding, passion and fire. They are a great compliment to an accomplished rider but things can get quickly out of hand if trained by a less experienced rider. Known as Magma-class dragons, they are fast, harsh, and ready to attack but also quickly form bonds of loyalty. The best gear matches for this type of dragon include Green, Light Green, Gray, Light Blue, Turquoise And White.

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