Basic Information
Draconium Influence Red
Dragon Phorrj
Crew Dragon Flares Crew
Crew Position Leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Pie-Ra
Voice Actor Nicole Oliver
"Little boys shouldn't play with fire- because they always get burned!"

Pyrrah is an All City street racer & the leader of the Down City Dragon Flares Crew, residing in the Fire Caves of Old City. Instead of a blocking staff, she wields a Fire Axe in and out of races.


Pyrrah is 17 years old, stands 5' 5" and weights 110 lbs. She wears fuchsia pink thigh-high boots with red toes, hot purple tights, and a red & orange long sleeved racing jacket with a flame-style coat-tail that drapes down to the knees. She has red medium length hair with some fuchsia highlights that stands up & flares out in a flame-like hairstyle. Pyrrah's facial makeup includes light purple eyeshadow with red lipstick & blush. She has dimples when she smiles.


Pyrrah is a fierce, hot-headed, but very clean street racer, fervently believing that true skill is what makes a racer. She is also a member of The Down City Council of Twelve. She prides herself with being an honorable racer although many times her hot temper has lead her to making rash decisions, such as working with the Shadow Booster in Episode 37: Cain's Mutiny.