Purple Draconium is one of the 13 different colours of Draconium found on Draconis and in Dragon City. It is not considered as one of the five main draconium colours. It is best known for its emphasis on teamwork and stealth, as well as its gear types being orientated towards tracking and penning. Purple draconium isn't as common as other colours, but it is not considered dangerous or rare either. The current leading and largest crew who's main influence is Purple Draconium are the Army of the Dragon Crew.

People who fall under the primary influence of this colour tend to be exceptional team workers and extremely loyal to those they consider friends and family. This extreme specialisation though can prove a disadvantage at times as people influenced by this colour tend to have trouble thinking or acting for themselves, and prefer to follow others instead. Even those in a position of leadership under this colour's influence tend to follow examples and ideas set by others, rather than leading their crew and an extended crowd. People under this colour's influence also tend to be quiet, withdrawn in their thoughts and stealthy, and excel at communicating with others through little words. The influence this colour exerts on people can be thought of as the polar opposite to Black Draconium, who's people tend to be highly independent and struggle to work in team situations.

Purple Draconium dragons, or Pack-class dragons, are smaller and quicker than most dragons. Used to operating in groups, they do not do as well alone and therefore are not generally great single racers. They prefer a communal setting and are used to a relationship that requires that their riders be the alpha-male in a group of both dragons and riders. Great for hunting, they are not independent thinkers and do not really add team value to their rider. However, their gear is another story as its control, trapping and hunting uses make the group as a whole, very dangerous.

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