Moordryd Paynn
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Black
Dragon Decepshun
Crew Dragon Eye Crew
Crew Position Leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Moor-Drid
Voice Actor Trevor Devall

16 year old leader of the Dragon Eye Crew and son of Word Paynn, Moordryd Drakkus Paynn is portrayed as a stereotypical villain and plays as one of the main antagonists to the show's hero Artha Penn. This view begins to shift however, as the series progresses, and as a result, has produced one of the more complex characters of the show.

In Episode 11: Pride of the Hero, he is shown to have good qualities within him when Beau bows to him and allows him to be his rider. Later in the episode, it is shown that a lot of his anger hinges on the fact that his father doesn't outwardly display affection and admiration for his son; when Word admits that he his proud of his son, some of Moordryd's anger visibly dissipates. When the Dragon Booster points that there is a hero deep within him, and that he can be an admired person, he loses all his anger and attempts to repair the damage he has caused.

He is a character who requires others to continually look for the best in him, as did Lance Penn in Episode 19: The Wraith Booster. As a result of the bond formed between him and Lance, Moordryd actually thwarted his own father's plans for a new war. Through progression in the show, he begins to understand just what it really means to be a hero, and that many of his bad qualities are driven by this shallow desire to be recognised for something good.

While over the course of the show Moordryd has shown to be capable of good, he still commits many crimes, particularly as the Shadow Booster. While the injury he gave Artha in in the beginning of Episode 39: Damaged Goods showed that he hasn't completely turned good, the last few minutes of the same episode showed that he had progressed far as a character when he saved Artha from his father's Wraith Dragons and let him tie for the Academy standings. Despite being acclaimed as one of the best dragon thieves in Squire's End, Moordryd has been caught and jailed in Precinct at least once before, as suggested during Episode 23: The Mechanist and then later confirmed by one of the show's creators.