Kitt Wonn
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Red
Dragon Wyldfyr
Crew Penn Racing Crew
Crew Position Member
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Kit
Voice Actor Lenore Zann

Kitt Raada Wonn, a 16 year old girl, is the sole female member of the Penn Racing Crew. She is a good racer, and her dragon, Wyldfyr, is one of the fastest out there. She also seems to know how to, and will attempt to, defend herself without her dragon, as seen in Episode 24: When Darkness Falls where she hits two mutated dragons with her blocking stick, and kicks one in the jaw without hesitation.  She is the person who says she's not afraid and thinks practically. Artha Penn was shown to have a crush on her during the first few episodes of the first series, and likewise she was shown to have a crush on the Dragon Booster after being first saved by him.

While she did become acquainted with some of the crews, such as the Dragon Flares, she never became part of a crew until becoming good friends with Artha and joining the Penn Racing Crew when it was formed. We don't know much about Kitt before the series starts, her having been a street rat. However, after trying to ride Beau, she becomes wrapped up in the adventures that being friends with the Dragon Booster presents.

It seems that Kitt and Artha like each other, though beyond a few 'fluffy' moments, this has never been a part of the show, and most of them were one way: Artha's. However, there were a few times where Kitt revealed her true feelings, one of the only in the first episode after being rescued by the Dragon Booster, and not knowing who he truly was. Lance often teases Artha for liking Kitt, and she enjoys the jokes.

Since Kitt rides a Magma-class dragon, it was quite likely that she was planned to be the Fire Booster. There was an allusion to this is in "No Paynn, No Gain" when she pays her respects to a painting of the original Fire Booster.