Grip of the Dragon Crew
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Green
Leader Phistus
Base of Operations Down City
Formed Before the series began
First Appeared In
Last Seen In
Council Crew Yes

The Grip of the Dragon descends from the ancient Green Draconium Empire, and thus their primary draconium influence is Green. According to mythology, green dragons aided the original Dragon Booster during the first dragon-human war 3000 years ago, possibly with the assistance of the Power Booster.

Led by the mighty Phistus, the The Grip of the Dragon crew believes that strength rules and they have the green Bull-class dragons and gear to back that up. Like their masters, these massive and forceful dragons are stubborn and powerfully destructive. Fortunately, the Grip of the Dragon crew also believes in inner strength, which makes them great and true allies.

At the moment, their crew compound's exact location is unknown, and no details have been given about it. Only Phistus and his dragon Brutaris have appeared on the show.

Known MembersEdit