Fira Penn
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Red
Dragon Unknown
Crew Dragon Flares Crew
Crew Position Former Member
Life Status Deceased
Name Pronunciation Fire-A
Voice Actor None

Fira Penn was Artha Penn and Lance Penn's mother. She is where Artha gets his black hair when Connor Penn has red hair. Fira was Connor's wife for several years, but died from a form of cancer two years after Lance was born.

Neither of the boys really knew their mother, and Connor has never remarried nor shown his grief for his lost wife in the series. The only time viewers have heard about Fira was through the The Alchemist transcript. According to interviews with the show's creators, Fira's name comes from the word "Fire", and she used to be a member of the Dragon Flares Crew.

Having lost their mother is one of the main things Artha and Moordryd Paynn have in common.