Basic Information
Species Psi-class
Draconium Colour Black
Human Rider Moordryd Paynn
Crew Dragon Eye Crew
Crew Position Leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Deception

Decepshun is Moordryd Paynn's dragon, and formally belonged to Moordryd's mother Zulay Paynn. She was a Psi-Class Dragon until she got exposed to one of Word Paynn's devices and gained the ability to transform into a pure black draconium form, allowing Moordryd to channel her mag energy and perform Mag Abilities.

Later on, she absorbs the Vysox bone-mark and her appearance changes drastically and gives her a mind of her own in the process. With the Vysox bone-mark absorbed, she was intelligent enough to pull off racing moves without Moordryd's assistance and beyond his skill level. She takes on the form of the Vysox whenever Moordryd transforms into the Shadow Booster. Once the Vysox bone-mark was absorbed, we don't ever see her take on the pure black form anymore.


  • She is one of the few characters who's rider and dragons are of opposite genders. The only other dragons with this same fact is Hyve and her rider Wulph as well as Wyldfyr and his rider Kitt Wonn.