Basic Information
Species Psi-class
Draconium Colour Black
Human Rider Cain
Crew Dragon Eye Crew
Crew Position Co-leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Coercion

Coershun is a male Psi-class black draconium dragon who should not be taken lightly. His human rider is Cain, the co-leader of The Dragon Eye Crew. His name is a play on the word Coercion, which means to persuade with evil intent.


Coershun is similar to his rider; he is just as strong and brute as Cain, but also is very timid. He uses intimidation, and is skilled in Psi, martial arts, agility and communication.


Coershun has a less skinny frame than Decepshun does, and has a more elaborate purple and grey design to him. Like her, he also walks on four legs.