Cain profile
Basic Information
Draconium Influence Black
Dragon Coershun
Crew Dragon Eye Crew
Crew Position Co-Leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Cane
Voice Actor Scott McNeil

17 year old Cain is Moordryd Paynn's key lieutenant as well as his closest childhood friend. His mother is unknown to us but his father Abyll featured in the unreleased Episode 0: The Alchemist as being one of Word Paynn's closest friends.

As shown in Episode 17: Faster Than Fear, Cain's greatest fear is having to take a position of leadership, particularly over his friend Moordryd. While he is a loyal friend and team mate, he is also known for his cowardice and has a habit of running away when situations get tough, occasionally leaving his team mates stranded as a result.

In spite of his cowardice nature, Cain is not a complete pushover; in Episode 37: Cain's Mutiny, Cain planned a coup-de-ta against Moordryd in retaliation of the constant poor treatment of his "friend". This divided the Dragon Eye Crew into two factions, with full intention of destroying Moordryd's half- and with all of Cain's previous time spend alongside him, he knew exactly how to take down Moordryd.