Blue Draconium is one of the 13 different colours of Draconium found on Draconis and in Dragon City, as well as being one of the five main draconium colours of balance. The current leading and largest crew who's main influence is Blue Draconium are The Inner Order Crew.

People who fall under this color, as displayed by the Inner Order Crew, greatly respect order and rules, something that they imprinted to their dragons which allowed those of the Inner Order Crew not to be swayed by the Samurox. However, they can also be narrow-minded and too quick to judge others at times, but their nobility makes them steadfast allies to others.

Blue Dragons, also known as Energy-class dragons, are precise, controlled, lightning fast and acrobatic. They work best with experienced riders who have discipline and skill but because they are so well trained, they make excellent law enforcement dragons and are the perfect partner for younger inexperienced riders who need a dragon to help train and protect them. The best gear matches for this type of dragon include Purple, Brown, Light Green, Gray and White.

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