Black Draconium is one of the 13 different colours of Draconium found on Draconis and in Dragon City, as well as being considered as one of the five main draconium colours. It is best known for its representation of darkness, and is a colour used in for Black Draconium gear which has a wide range of uses. Because of this colour's common status, many dragons which share different colour types will often contain some percentage of Black Draconium in their bones. The current leading and largest crew who's main influence is Black Draconium are the Dragon Eye Crew.

People who fall under the primary influence of this colour tend to be controlling and manipulative as well as exceedingly cunning. Just as the gear is centered around the idea of control, people under this colour's influence tend to herd others to do their bidding. People who fall under this influence don't tend to be very good at working in groups, as they hold a high level of independence, but are still capable of making loyal bonds with others even if it takes a long time to do so. This Draconium colour is considered the primary antagonist colour as many of the antagonist characters encountered in the series belong to this colour's influence. However it should be noted that this colour also harbours good people and heroes, as seen by the actions of the Ancient Shadow Booster.

Black draconium dragons make good partners for the more cunning rider. Able to make mental connections with their rider, these Psi-class dragons can 'feel' the intentions of those who ride them. They are smart, cunning and also possess a strong mind of their own and unless they respect those who ride them, they can be quite an opinionated handful. Psi-class dragons, just as their riders, are known for their strong sense of independence, though again can form loyal bonds where given enough time. The best gear matches for these types of dragons are: Red, Green, Gray, Purple, Orange And Light Blue.

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