Basic Information
Draconium Influence Black
Dragon Vysox
Crew Black Draconium Empire
Crew Position Leader
Life Status Alive
Name Pronunciation Armegg-Adon
Voice Actor Gerad Plunkett

Armeggaddon is a character from 3000 years ago, and was likely an enemy to the original Dragon Booster considering he was one of the people who helped start the original Dragon-Human War. He was imprisoned in The Shadow Track by the original Shadow Booster until Artha Penn, Lance Penn and Moordryd Paynn broke the spell that encased riders and dragons inside the track during Episode 17: Faster Than Fear.

Armeggaddon chooses Moordryd to be "The One" to defeat the Dragon Booster, and presents him with a black draconium amulet, similar to the symbol of the Dragon Eye Crew. It is believed that he has possessed the amulet, since he speaks through it to Moordryd. Armeggaddon is similar to Mortis in that he teaches a Booster, in his case Moordryd the Shadow Booster, the ancient ways of power.

Armeggaddon was the Emperor or leader of the Black Draconium Empire 3000 years ago and intended to give that honour to his student Moordryd Paynn. At first, Armeggaddon was nothing more than shadow, and his fiery, non-human eyes were his only known physical form. His true form was revealed in Episode 33: The Defiants: wearing ancient warrior dragon armour, with long pointed head gear and large curved spikes coming from his back. His mouth is also visible, showing that he is human. He faces Drakkus in alone in battle at first, where Armeggaddon tells Drakkus (Word Paynn) his love for his son is his greatest weakness.

Moordryd betrays Armeggaddon when he joins Dragon Booster, Drakkus and Mortis (Connor Penn) to fight the eight pure black draconium dragons of Armeggaddon. After suffering betrayal from Shadow Booster, Armeggaddon realizes his mistake and prepares to resurrect the this League of Eight by finding the lost Bone-Marks of these eight dragons, unknown to him at this point that the Gold Draconium Dragon Priests have taken them from their original locations and hidden them elsewhere.

Armeggadon, being from 3000 years ago, knows all of the possible Mag Claw moves, including Mag Fury, a "Mag Tornado" (it's real name is unknown), and many others. The only time any character has overwhelmed his power was by Parmon Sean in Episode 36: Professor Stubborn when Parmon used a combination of gear to redirect his Mag energy back toward him.